Changes in Dutch Tax BAPI Support – Part 2

New PIN timeline and discontinued support for PKIIn March, we wrote about the support for BAPI in this blog post: Dutch Tax BAPI Support Changing to KPN Certificates (2012).

From that time on there have been some changes from several directions. We like to update you with the latest status, which should be a stable one.

  1. Only KPN certificates. The tax authorities, since 1st of July, definitely support only the certificates, issued by KPN. This also means that the return messages that where mentioned in the comments of the first blog can be processed again. The reason at that time for not being able to process them was the fact that we had to deal with two certificates, while Microsoft Dynamics NAV only supports one.
  2. PIN support extended. The tax authorities changed the timeline for the support of PIN, the public key method. The deadline was previously set to 1-1-2013 for support of VAT and ICP. Now the support for VAT and ICP submission through PIN is extended to 1-1-2014.
  3. PKI functionality discontinued. Recent research, due to changes in certificate supplier, showed that the number of Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers using the PKI method is minimal. Given the fact that coding, hence a new release, was needed to support the PKI method with KPN certificates, we decided to unplug support for PKI. This private key method will also be discontinued by the tax authorities per 1-1-2014. We have informed and advised all concerned partners to move to PIN. We are looking to support Digipoort / XBRL for the near future.

We want to repeat the comment that Jacco Stolk (thx Jacco!) made regarding getting the BAPI software. Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not deliver the required BAPI.dll and CL32.dll, since it is owned by the tax authorities’ organizations. In this case you can subscribe to the OSWO site ( to obtain the latest version of the BAPI software and find answers to technical problems that might occur.

Best regards,

Coen Overgaag

Comments (4)

  1. Paul van der Linden says:

    We notice a problem during uploading the new certificates, I hope somebody can help us!

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 5.0 –> we setup the TAX card based on PIN –> now we try to upload the new certificates and we recieve an error "Cannot find connection name : LDAP0140"

  2. says:

    Not being able to connect to the LDAP server of the tax authority can have several reasons. Michal Kreiza commented on previous blog that it can be that the BAPI and CL32 need to be refreshed.

    possible other causes can be a.o.: not able to write certificate to path defined in the EVAT setup, strings in the EVAT setup not correct and containing hidden characters usually caused by directly cut and paste from internet, username and password not correct.

  3. Jacco Slok says:

    Thanks for crediting me Coen:-)

    @Paul van der Linden: probably you need the new bapi.dll and new cl32.dll from

  4. Quick1034 says:

    You can not receive response messages while old response messages are on tax authorithy site. Customers has to delete old response message before trying again.

    @Paul van der Linden

    Check also the search strings. (Check the bapi.log file)

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