Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Ends April 2012

Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, including 5.0 SP1, ends April 2012 per the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy. Customers who are current on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulatory/Tax Updates 
  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content 
  • Unlimited Online Training 

Paid support (including Premier, Essential, Pay-Per incident, and Microsoft Dynamics Advantage and Advantage Plus plans or any other paid support plan) will be available through the length of extended support.

For more information related to Microsoft Support Lifecycle policies and product dates for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV products, see the Support Lifecycle Page. For support lifecycle information for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in particular, see Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support Lifecycle Information.

Comments (4)

  1. David Singleton says:

    Susan can you please confirm your statement above that support of Dynamics NAV 5.00SP1 ends on April 2012.

    Sorry but I am finding this a little hard to believe, and somewhat disconcerting, since most clients I work with run on this version. And today is the first time I heard that support is ending.

  2. Hi David, I am sorry you were not aware that support for 5.0 was ending. Please refer to lifecycle information for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 at the following link:

    As stated here the Mainstream Support End Date for 5.0 is April 10, 2012. This includes 5.0 SP1. Support for 5.0 no service pack ended April 2010, which was 2 years after 5.0 SP1 was released. You can find more information about service pack lifecycle support under Service Pack Lifecycle Support Policy at the following link:

    Here is an excerpt of the information from the Service Pack Lifecycle Support Policy:

    Service Pack Support Policy

    •When a new service pack is released, Microsoft will provide either 12 or 24 months of support for the previous service pack, varying according to the product family

    •When support for a product ends, support of all the service packs for that product will also end. The product’s support lifecycle supersedes the service pack support policy

  3. devrajdg says:

    Does this mean we cannot get any new objects (Tables,Reports) for NAV 5.0 SP1 after April 2012.

  4. Customers on an enhancement plan (BREP) can continue to purchase additional objects for NAV 5.0 after the support end date (April 2012).

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