How to Add Shortcuts Menu in the RoleTailored Client

In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 RoleTailored client environment the Shortcuts Menu feature, which was present in earlier versions of Dynamics NAV for Classic client, has not been added.

In Classic client it is actually possible to Create and Open Shortcut from this Menu.

I have then tried, in this blog, to mimic what Classic client does and developed a couple of pages and one table to let users achieve a similar functionality for RoleTailored client. The text object in this blog contains:

  1. Table 50300 “Shortcut”
  2. Page 50300 “Shortcut List”
  3. Page 50301 “Create Shortcut Worksheet”

The first task is to add Page 50300 “Shortcut List” to a Department MenuSuite like in the below example:

Secondarily it is needed to customize Navigation Pane using RoleTailored client in order to add a new Menu called, for example, “Shortcuts” with Page 50300 “Shortcut List” added to it.

This could be done manually

or configuring that for a profile

Once you have fulfilled those 2 steps then your users may be good to go to Create and Open shortcuts in a similar way as it was and as it is actually for Classic client.

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Duilio Tacconi (dtacconi)

Dynamics Italy

Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA


Comments (6)

  1. Thank you for sharing this idea [… and object file ;)].

    Nice one ..!

  2. guido robben says:

    Idea is nice! How about the possibility to add pages and to that?

  3. dtacconi says:

    @Jascha Thanks

    @Guido I do not have catched correctly your statement, is it possible to add more details on what would you like to achieve ?

  4. dtacconi says:

    Hi again Guido,

    maybe you would like to add something like "Send To Shortcuts" (CTRL+ALT+S) from Classic. This ain't that easy due to the different UX between Classic and RTC.

    However, if you would like, you could create a brand new table (like Shortcuts one) and fire an action on a similar List Page like the one exposed in this blog. This action may be based on the Object table and filter Pages and Reports. Users could choose, then, what to add on this List page.

    A second action like "Open Object" could run behind the scene something like PAGE.RUN or REPORT.RUN.

    Maybe with a bit more AL Coding you could also GETFILTERS and SETFILTER when launching these.

  5. guido robben says:

    Hi dtacconi,

    I just say your post. The "Send To Shortcuts" is exactly what I mean. I see you have thought about it already. Do you have any idea this feature will ever be added to the client itself.

  6. dtacconi says:

    Hi Guido,

    as far as I know there are no plans to have something similar in the next version. You could load a suggestion to MSCONNECT and SE Team would rate this in a sort of wishlist.

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