Manage Max No. of XML Records to Send Option from RoleTailored Client (with .NET Interop)

With NAV 2009 R2 it is now possible to set how many XML records to send to RoleTailored Client (RTC), bypassing the previous hardcoded limitation of 5000 records.

This could be done by installing platform hotfix KB 2492490 Build no. 32146 or higher.$EN-US$2492490&wa=wsignin1.0


I just would like to explain how this Hotfix works in short.

In order to bypass the previous hardcoded limit of 5000 Max no. of xml records to send, after installing the aforementioned platform hotfix or higher, you have to set a key like that on every RTC Client machine in the ClientUsersSettings.config file

<add key="MaxNoOfXMLRecordsToSend" value="integerValue" />

(where integerValue is an integer value that represents the max number of xml records to send when using the Export to Microsoft Office feature)

Since the Classic Client handles this value directly from the IDE changing “Max. no. of XML records to send” property from Tools > Options, I have been requested if there is a more flexible way to manage this key in the ClientUsersSettings.config file.

I have then tried, in this blog, to mimic what Classic Client does and developed a simple page and codeunit to let the user change dynamically the value for this key and if the key is not present, by adding it directly to the ClientUsersSettings.config file with the desired value (this would also make the Hotfix deployment faster).

The code in the attached .txt file is quite simple and is based on .NET interoperability using the following:





These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use.

Duilio Tacconi (dtacconi)

Microsoft Dynamics Italy

Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA

A special thanks to Jorge Alberto Torres - DK-MBS NAV Development


Comments (7)

  1. Stefano Capitanio says:

    Great job! Thank you, Duilio

  2. dtacconi says:

    Thanks Stefano. I guess that this blog may be useful if you have to deploy this solution to e.g. 50+ users. I have not tested with Terminal Server but principle should remain valid also in such scenario.

  3. Dan Eckhoff says:

    I was unable to utilize this suggested mod for some reason.  Whether I try to  update the config file manually or using your objects it still limits to 5000 records.



  4. dtacconi says:

    Hi Dan,

    You are probably missing something in between. You could do 2 things here:

    1. Strictly apply what is written in KB 2492490

    2. Log a case to MS CSS so that we can troubleshoot together your local problem.

  5. Grande Duilio

    sempre utili i tuoi post.


  6. Geovanny says:

    The service pack no longer exist in the Partner source. Nor does this program appears to work. I did stop/restore services and changed any file with the same name config.

  7. Daniel M. says:


    if i try this directly in ClientUsersSettings.config file then i became this error:

    The Windows-Process can not be started. Arguments: /e "Path to created XML"

    DO anyone know this problem? How can i solve it?

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