New Excel-Based Reporting Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It’s no secret that Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers and partners have needed an ad hoc reporting solution that’s easy to use. Well, now we have one!

We’ve been working in cooperation with Jet Reports, Inc. on the development of an Excel-based reporting solution. The result is Jet Reports Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – a simple but effective business reporting tool that gives customers an easy and simple way to create high impact reports and helps us to enhance our BI & Reporting value proposition.

Within a familiar Microsoft Excel environment, users will be able to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and utilize all of the Excel capabilities, such as Power Pivot, formatting, charting and Pivot Tables, to create powerful, insightful and well-formatted reports. There are multiple report templates available out of the box.

Plus, users will be able to answer and analyze ad hoc business queries with real time data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It’s possible to access and combine data from NAV – including tables, fields, flow fields and dimensions, and you can slice and dice data and do consolidation. You can also drill down into any value in a report to see the underlying data with just one click.

Jet Reports Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV really is simple to work with and very easy to demo. It’s the perfect solution for the majority of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers who need a basic ad hoc reporting solution.

Jet Reports Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be available to Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers as new functionality at no additional costs, provided they are on an active Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

The product can be downloaded via a link from PartnerSource and CustomerSource that will be available sometime in Q3 CY2011. Look out for more information on final release date.

Stay tuned for more information about all the cool things customers can do and partners can demo with this smart reporting tool.

Comments (8)

  1. Mirko says:

    It seems to be cool!

    but what about a screenshot? come oooon please 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Great! Jetreport; Zeta…; but: when does Biztalk Express come for small interfaces management?

  3. Rikke Lassen says:

    Thank you for the comments and interest.

    Regarding the screenshots – the product is still being finalized, but we are planning a second post on this (including screenshots) within a couple of weeks.

    Regarding Biztalk Express – there are no current plans of enabling a BT Express version


  4. Artov says:

    A "simple" product that hopefully will have a "simple" price!

  5. Christian Baek says:

    Regarding the pricing then as it is stated in the above then its available at no additional costs if you are on an active Business Ready Enhancement Plan

  6. Chris says:

    I would recommend the addon nccube 🙂

  7. Mirko says:

    Hey, i didn't forget you said "a couple of weeks"…uhuhuh…time over!

    *just joking, i took a look at the blog after the holiday and i remembered this article…how's it going?

  8. genesis says:

    it sounds good. heres one more link i have found useful about harnessing excel based reporting system:

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