NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Create Notifications from Task Pages

You can create notifications from task pages such as customer cards or sales orders. You can use notifications as reminders, or as a way to send information to other NAV users in your company.

A notification is displayed on the recipient's Role Center. By clicking the notification, the recipeint opens the associated task page.

1. To create a notification, open the task page from which you want to send a notification. For example, open a customer card, sales order, or other task page.

2. In the FactBox area, scroll down to the Notes part.

3. In the Notes part, click to create a new note.

4. In the Enter a new note here text box, type a note.

5. Select a recipient.

6. Select Notify.

7. Click Save.

The notification is saved on the task page.


The notification is also relayed to the recipient and is displayed on his/her Role Center under My Notifications.

For more information about usability and the RoleTailored client, see the blog post Useful, Usable, and Desirable.

Comments (9)

  1. Multiple notification recipients says:

    Is there anything in the works to allow for selecting multiple users to notify rather than just one?

  2. Troels Bent Hansen says:

    We do not have any plans for making it possible to notify multiple users in the next release. We might improve in this area in later releases.

  3. Malpas Marc says:

    Do you know why some users of NAV recipient list is empty except for their own name? ( in NAV 2009 R2)

  4. Troels Bent Hansen says:

    The users shown in the To: dropdown are those that are listed in users (setup in IT-administration).

    You may have to restart the Win client to see newly added users.

  5. ew says:

    I have the same issue as Malpas Marc. In Nav 2009 R1 we have some users who cannot see all users to send notifications to. What is limiting this for those users?

  6. Multiple Nofication Update says:

    Has there been any advancement on being able to notify multiple users since the last comment from 2011?

  7. Cazzagg says:

    In R2 there appears to be an "issue" when setting up a notification against a document eg: a posted purchase invoice. In 2013 you USED to be able to click on the notification and it would immediately open the document in question… in R2 that will not work. Get an error message "the requested record cannot be located". Am I the only person having this issue? I use notifications against posted purchase documents all the time (note the notification will work if from something like vendor ledger entries – but that is not what I want. I just want to open the document in question just like I used to be able to do).

  8. Bryan says:

    The ability to notify multiple people of a single message would be a huge upgrade. Hope it comes soon!

    1. A says:

      Is there new information in regards to be able to send a notification to multiple people?

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