Planning parameters vs. demand profile

Most of the times, when a question arise about why NAV suggest such a planning proposal, it arises the question on how planning parameters are determined by the given company. When we talk about planning parameters, we refer to: reorder point, reorder quantity and safety stock. The safety stock is the quantity a company would…


NAV “core” Planning: CU 99000854 ( IV ): Planning states

Not sure if you are familiar with this. But, I believe it worths covering it … Have you ever realized NAV Planning goes through different steps or phases of the planning? StartOver, MatchDates, MatchQty, CreateSupply, ReduceSupply, CloseDemand, CloseSupply, CloseLoop. All these steps are being performed on the PlanItem procedure from CU99000854. The way planning goes…


NAV 2009 Tips and Tricks: Link documents and URLs to task pages

You can use links on your task pages to guide users to additional information. The links can be the URL addresses of web sites or links to documents on a computer. In the following example, you can see how to add a link to a customer card task page. The link is then viewable both…


NAV “core” Planning: CU 99000854 ( II ): Demand types

First, lets review the foundation here … lets review what the “Supply Planning White Paper” mentions: ” … DEMAND AND SUPPLY: Demand is the common term used for any kind of gross demand, such as sales order and component need from a production order. In addition, the program allows more technical types of demand, such…


NAV “core” Planning: CU 99000854 ( I )

Why focusing Codeunit 99000854? If you interested on what is the logic behind NAV planning, you should look into this codeunit.   This codeunit is the link between how NAV planning logic is written (= “NAV Supply Planning White Paper”) and how this logic is executed (=functionality around Planning and Requisition Worksheets).   Based on…


What happens when both Inbound and Outbound Production bin codes are the same …

This is an unexpected setting for NAV. Think about this … – If this is the “Inbound Production Bin Code”, NAV understands that stock on these are not available since is pending to be consumed in Manufacturing – If this is the “Outbound Production Bin Code”, NAV understands this is available since stock is whatever…


Using inbound Production Bins as Pick Bins

What are the inbound Production Bins in NAV? These are the bins defined in the Warehouse setup with the following names: – “Open Shop Floor Bin Code”. This is the one used with Backflushing when Flushing Method is set to Backward/Forward – “Inbound Production Bin Code”. This is the standard bin for the consumptions and…


NAV: ERP or MRPII tool?

Does Dynamics NAV provide MRP II tools?   I am not sure how much the reader is familiar with this terminology but just in case …   ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning. As its name describes, ERP’s are intented to provide visibility of all resources in a company and provide planning tools for them (CRP as well asMRP planning)….


Unforgettable: NAV Supply Chain Management

Do you like that song? “Unforgettable”, Nat King Cole, 1954.  And yes, you are right: this is nothing to be with NAV. But, I was asked to start posting on this blog and wanted to explain what my posts would be about. “Unforgettable” is what SCM (Supply Chain Management) is about when you come to the ERP arena….