The “OK” button is greyed out in RTC server selection window

Did decide to write this blog since this simple problem did take a lot of time for me to find the solution for, in the hope that it will save you from the same time eater.

The problem I did run into was that when starting the RTC client it could not connect to the service, since I had moved the service. Since the service had moved I did say “no” to the questions if RTC should try to connect again. In the address field in the “server selection window” I did type the new address into the address field. The “OK” button was now greyed out, so I could not connect to the server.

After spending some time to try to figure it out how to un grey the “OK” button I found by simple press TAB in the address field makes RTC to connect to the service and retrieve the companies on the service. Now the “OK” button was not greyed out anymore.

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  1. Warren Young says:

    I believe hitting ENTER with the cursor in the address field will also do the same.

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