Doing upgrades to NAV 2009 SP1

When doing an upgrade - even when not touching the database and application objects - to NAV 2009 SP1, remember to also compile all objects for the new version of executables. Compiling all objects must be done when doing an update from NAV2009 RTM (No SP) to SP1.

The way objects get compiled for the Role Tailored Client (RTC) has changed between NAV2009 RTM and SP1, and may change again in future versions as part of general improvements. Until you compile all objects in a SP1 Classic Client, opening a NAV 2009 RTM demo database with NAV2009 SP1 RTC will give you a lot of errors saying:

"Error: Compilation of assembly c:\ etc'"

And RTC will look like this:


Of course, if you use a SP1 database or upgrade all objects to SP1, then this will not happen since the objects will already have been compiled for SP1. Compiling objects may also give a few errors even for objects that compiled fine in RTM.

In a standard demo database at least these two reports in their RTM version will not compile in SP1:

Report 13 - "VAT Register"
Report 34 - "Change Payment Tolerance"

In a localized and/or customized databases there may well be many more objects that won't compile.

For these specific two reports, either import the SP1 version of the objects. Or correct them manually like this:

For report 13, the layout has to be re-saved like this:
Design the report, go to View -> Layout, then save it (Ctrl+S). Exit Visual Studio Report Designer, go back to the classic report design, import the layout, then close and save the report.

Report 34 has this line that does not compile in SP1:

Function PageSetCurrency:

    RequestOptionsPage."Max. Pmt. Tolerance Amount".DECIMALPLACESMAX(DecimalPlaces);

Remove the line that does not compile. Remember to add a semicolon on the line before so that the report will compile.

Lars Lohndorf-Larsen

Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA

Comments (2)

  1. Kasper Dan Jensen says:

    Hi Lars,

    Do you have any work arounds for handling matrix forms when doing runtime upgrades from NAV2009 RTM to SP1?

    Further more we have discovered that if runtime upgrade a customer database from 4.xx to NAV 2009 and downgrade the recordlinks functionality, you can have problems with creating sales lines etc. unless you update your NAV permission/roles for recordlinks!

  2. Mikkel Reesbøll says:

    Hi Kasper

    You might want to look at this:…/upgrading-older-databases-to-nav-2009-runtime.aspx

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