Printer Selections in Role Tailored client

Today Printer Selections Form 64 is not transformed to Printer Selections Page 64 since virtual table 2000000039 is not accessible from Role Tailored client.

I thought of different options for how we could get page 64 to work and decided to try the new Client Extensibility feature in NAV 2009, although this could also be done with filing a temporary table from COM.

I would like to share this option with you.

 Page “70809 Printer Selections FactBox” is using a client-addin, based on C#, to read the local installed printers and offers the way to select the name and save it to NAV 2009.

 Page “64 Printer selection” is enhanced with the new fact box.



You can download the files here:

You can use the file for your own risk. There is no support for it. 

(Note: Before you can use the page 70809 you have to install the client extension library “printerslections.dll” on your machine. The easiest way to do this is using the Add-Importer from Christian. )


Rene - Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVP (

Comments (2)

  1. Alastair Farrugia says:

    The Add-in Importer does not work on my PC, because I don’t have the correct automations for codeunit 100000 (Register Client Add-Ins).

    Do you know what these automation servers should be?



  2. Rene Gayer says:

    Hi Alastair!

    Have you executed the installer for the add-in Importer?

    In my codeunit the automation are also not listed. But after executing the setup everyhting is running well?



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