What is the "Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server" option?

In the Classic client, in either the Alter Database or New Database window, one of the options on the Options tab is Enable for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This option should be selected if you are deploying the RoleTailored client, which communicates with the database through the NAV Server. When this option is selected, access… Read more

Using CaptionClass property on a field in a system table can cause problems

You can experience some problems if you set a value on the ‘CaptionClass’ system tables on NAV 2009 or NAV 2009 SP1. This can also happen if you had already a value on one of the ‘CaptionClass’ system tables on previous versions, and you upgrade to either NAV 2009 or NAV 2009 SP1. Problems can… Read more

CREATE DATABASE failed when installing Cronus Sample Database

Today I did run into a problem installing the “Cronus Sample Database”. In the error report view I found this error message SQL Server option Cronus Sample Database for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Fatal error during installation.   CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file names listed could not be created. Check related errors. After click on the… Read more

Doing upgrades to NAV 2009 SP1

When doing an upgrade – even when not touching the database and application objects – to NAV 2009 SP1, remember to also compile all objects for the new version of executables. Compiling all objects must be done when doing an update from NAV2009 RTM (No SP) to SP1. The way objects get compiled for the Role… Read more

Creating a web service manually, the importance of the name you give it, and a few small things to remember

When you use the SC command line command to create a new NAV 2009 Service, how does the new service know whether it is a middle tier for RTC to connect to, or whether it is supposed to handle web service calls? In other words, what decides whether the new service will be “Microsoft Dynamics NAV… Read more

New Colors, New Design, and Tons of New Content

It has been about two years since the first post on the Dynamics NAV Team blog. Lots of changes since then! It is high time for a refresh. We hope you like our new design and are able to find topics and posts with ease. The design changes, which are very visible, occurred last week at the… Read more

Printer Selections in Role Tailored client

Today Printer Selections Form 64 is not transformed to Printer Selections Page 64 since virtual table 2000000039 is not accessible from Role Tailored client. I thought of different options for how we could get page 64 to work and decided to try the new Client Extensibility feature in NAV 2009, although this could also be… Read more

Installation of Dynamics NAV 2009 hangs during installation of Outlook Add-in

When installing NAV 2009 RTM you can sometimes if you are unlucky end up with an installer that hangs when installing Outlook Add-in. The most common reason for this is that the installation is not able to update the” Outlook.exe.config” file and get stuck in an infinitive loop.When looking in the event viewer you will… Read more

License for Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC problem

You do not have permission to run the ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server’ system. Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed If you get this error when trying to start the RTC, it normally means it’s something wrong with the licenses.Ensure that the license you are using has permission to run RTC and service… Read more

Send email with PDF attachment in NAV 2009

In this post I would like to explore the possibilities to create an email from the Role Tailored client and attach an invoice as a PDF file to the email, unfortunately we have do not have this functional build into our Demo application, but let me show you how this can be do with little… Read more