Dynamics NAV, customizing style sheets for export to MS Excel

A while a go we posted a blog decribing how to make some basic customizations to style sheets used for export to Excel.


This is an update to that blog. You can download updated sample objects from the link below

In addition to changes described there (customizing font styles, conditional formatting and adding totals), this will allow adding some basic document properties, choosing to display zero decimal fields as blank, and adding header and footer to the exported document. In addition, code changes added here would allow user to run send to excel, apply described customizations directly in exported document, then import the document to automatically generate customized style sheet. The objects are attached.

These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confer no rights. You assume all risk for your use.

All feedback regarding issues or suggestion to this post are very welcome!  

Jasminka Vukovic (jvukovic), Lars Lohndorf-Larsen (Lohndorf)

Microsoft Dynamics NO

Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) EMEA


Comments (2)

  1. Luc van Vugt says:


    Thanx. i was wondering why this has not been incoporated into the objects of the Style Sheet Tool 2.0. Could you elaborate on this?

    b rg


  2. Hi,

    Style Sheet tool was created by one member of support ogranization, is an open code sample and unsupported as such. This was just another open code sample, also unsupported, creted by another member of support organization. These samples are independent and free to use as it suits anyone, also to 'incorporate' them if you prefer.

    Hope that answers 🙂

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