Addressing Known Issues with Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

In an effort to continue to provide our customers and partners with a stronger set of tools for their businesses, the Jobs area of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 was redesigned and many new features were added to the module.  Some really exciting functionality to help with productivity and flexibility such as an entire new budget structure and features like fixed item pricing, foreign currency functionality, copy job, calculate remaining usage, journal improvements and better integration with item tracking, costing and service management have been very well received. 

However, it’s been brought to our attention that some customers and partners are having an issue with the new functionality.  In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, the purchasing process is initiated in the purchase invoice when some customers business processes dictate that they start the process in the purchase order.  Technically there is little change in the underlying functionality between releases – in both 4.0 and 5.0 ledger entries for the job were not created until the invoice is posted.  This said, we can completely understand the issue and a fix allowing users to start the process in the purchase order will be in Microsoft Dynamics NAV "6.0" and we are currently investigating the issue with 5.0.  For the time being, if you upgrade 5.0 and are dependent on purchase order functionality with the Jobs area, you will experience an issue.

Some customers have also had an issue with dimensions on WIP (work in progress) in the Jobs module in 5.0.  A fix for job WIP dimensions will be shipped in SP1 and is already included in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV "6.0" code.

We are making a site on both Partner and CustomerSource that will link you to a short whitepaper outlining the change in functionality from 4.0 to 5.0 in more detail.  I will post again when I have links are available to these sites.

- Selena Breann Jensen

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  1. Stuart Hardman says:

    Have you looked at the issue to do with re-integrating sales orders with Jobs in NAV 5? This functionality was removed in version 5 which means it’s now impossible to integrate warehousing with jobs (which you could previously do fairly easily using sales orders).

    It seems quite an oversite to have an entire section of the system which has to have a different process to the rest of your supply chain.

    Hopefully you can provide us with some good news about progress in this area! 🙂

  2. Dave Roys says:

    Hi Selena,

    I am also curious as to why the application of job ledger entries was removed. Taking this away also removed the Open entries flag and the remaining amount field which, for me, has given rise to other problems.

    I am really struggling to understand how you can now see if all of your usage for a job has been billed on to the client or written off.

    I see that I can create a contract line from my usage Job Ledger Entry and I can then create a sales invoice from the planning line and bill it. But I can do this over and over again – there is no check to stop me from billing usage many times – there is also no way to see what is left to bill. This is where the old Get Job Usage and application method had a real advantage.

    Don’t get me wrong I think that on the whole the version 5.0 Jobs module is a big improvement. But it would be nice if you did not just "Cut" features from the product. This makes upgrading a nightmare. If you consider it better practice to raise sales invoices from the planning lines rather than from the sales invoice – you should make this configurable via a parameter so people can upgrade without the pain.

  3. Selena Breann Jensen says:

    Just following up on my promise to post a link to the official communication regarding this issue.  You can now find it on partner source:

    A customer source landing page will be coming shortly.

  4. Selena Breann Jensen says:

    One more update – forgot to mention that the document to the link above will be accessible shortly.  It’s not live yet!

  5. Ian Murphy says:

    I’m relatively new to Nav having started last year. My first modification was jobs related. Our client needed to be able to follow the usual cycle of offer – order – sales invoice(s) but to have the sales booked to projects.

    I would have thought that a typical situation is to create a project only when a client has accepted an offer… thus you do not start with a project. You start with an offer, which you convert to an order and then assign it to a Job and gradually bill out the order. With each invoice the income is booked against the Job.

    This is how MS would work if they were working on  consultancy project, no? Its how pretty much every company I’ve ever seen works. How come the standard Nav jobs module only allows you to generate invoiced against jobs and not have an open order which is billed out as the work is done?

    Its not even as if it requires much code to do this – about an extra 50-100 lines.

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