KB articles for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 ERP Application

Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 we have released the following knowledgebase (KB) articles (PartnerSource Login credentials are required):

1.       KB938398 – XBRL

2.       KB937512 – Overdue Amounts (LCY)

3.       KB937722 – Accounting Period New Company

4.       KB936064 – Outlook Integration

5.       KB936535 – Web Links

6.       KB939253 – Bank Reconciliation

7.       KB938272 – Sales Person Code

8.       KB936538 – Production Order

9.       KB937256 – Prepayment

10.   KB937995 – Sales Order

11.   KB937737 – Sales Invoice

12.   KB939257 – Prepayment

13.   KB939259 – Payment Check

14.   KB938651 – Warehouse Activity Lines

15.   KB939831 – Un Apply

This blog will be updated as new KB articles for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 C/AL application are released.

Note: It requires a developer license to change C/AL code in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is highly recommended to have the changes evaluated and implemented by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

Comments (1)

  1. Jesus Fernando Torres Hernandez says:

    Is there a fix to solve an error for unapply entries? I have a problem to unapply some documents. The erro message is
    “before you can unapply this entry, you must first unapply all application entries in Vendor Ledger Entry (number) that were posted after this entry”

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