Contextual spelling for French in Office 2010

At the Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans on 13 July 2009, we announced the launch of the Office 2010 Technical Preview. This technical preview can now be downloaded by thousands of customers. You can discover the innovations on the Office 2010 blog and watch really cool videos on My colleague Stefanie Schiller wrote…


A context-sensitive speller for Spanish in Office 2007

  A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced an initiative targeting the Hispanic community, with special offers for Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2007 Language Pack in Spanish. It may be worth pointing out that the Spanish proofing tools in Office 2007 include a brand-new context-sensitive speller in addition to the regular spell-checker, thesaurus, hyphenator…


An academic evaluation of the Office 2007 contextual spelling checker

 A few days ago, I discovered an analysis of our Office 2007 contextual speller carried out by Prof. Graeme Hirst, from the University of Toronto:  An Evaluation of the Contextual Spelling Checker of Microsoft Office Word 2007. We have discussed this new context-sensitive speller on several occasions on this blog (as well as here) and…


Can I remove a word from Office’s speller dictionary?

The other day, I was discussing a number of suggestions to improve Office’s spell-checker. A customer was suggesting we should allow users to delete individual items from Word’s spell-checker lexicon. This feature is already available, in fact: if you want to specify a preferred spelling for a word and to exclude a given spelling from…


Suggested improvements to Microsoft Word’s spell-checker

A few days ago, James wrote about the articles the Seattle Times published about our Natural Language Group and the Office spell-checkers. One of these articles was encouraging the Seattle Times readers to suggest improvements (What words would you add to the Microsoft spell-checker?).  It is very interesting to read what our users consider pain…


Lets Play Two?

For opening day this year, my beloved Chicago Cubs unveiled a statue of the immortal Ernie Banks.  On its pedestal was engraved the catchphrase that made famous his enthusiasm for the game of baseball: “Let’s Play Two”.  Except that the sculptor forgot one little detail, as reported by the Chicago Tribune: the apostrophe!  He should…


Untied Nations or United Nations?

During my vacation in December 2007, I had a chance to visit a friend of mine who works for the United Nations in Bangkok. On a Friday evening right before Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s visit to the UN Bangkok office, I chatted with his colleagues in the UN building over beer and wine. Many of them…


Contextual spelling: US English only?

Laurie asked us via the Email/Contact link: I was always under the impression that the Contextual Spell Checker only works if your language is set to English (US) rather than English (UK). However, I have recently seen the blue squiggly lines appear for English (UK).Can you confirm whether this has come about as a result…


Wow, more praise for contextual spelling

Thanks to Mike Calcagno for pointing this out…. See page 2 with the paragraph that starts with “Other improvements.”   — Jay Waltmunson (Program Manager)  


Go Blue Squiggles! Mossberg praises contextual spellchecker

Some lovely words about the contextual spellchecker from Walter Mossberg’s review of Office 2007 in today’s Wall Street Journal online.  To quote: There are other nice additions. In Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, there is now contextual spell checking, which points to a wrong word, even if the spelling is in the dictionary. For example, if you type “their”…