Want to give input on proofing tools? Participate in the Proofing Tools Survey!

We are currently running a survey on how users edit and review content and how they use proofing tools such as the spell checker, the grammar checker or the thesaurus in Microsoft Office. We want to learn more about user preferences so we can improve the user experience in some future version of Office. The survey takes about 15 minutes. If you are interested in participating please go to


and look for the "Help us make Word Better!"  field in the lower section of the page. Click "Start the Survey" in order to participate.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Stefanie Schiller 

Natural Language Group - Program Manager



Comments (8)

  1. msjulieray says:

    Hi–I just completed the survey–you’re right, it’s not terribly long.  

    I was surprised that there was no question about people’s interest in providing more input (via future surveys or some type of wiki, community approach to creating or reviewing tools like spell checkers–particularly in languages that don’t currently have them).

    Thanks for the chance to provide input.



  2. Alvin Bruce says:

    Not many Language Proofing Tools to test…

  3. Ross Snowden says:

    I know, although I did the survey. The proofing tools with the English version aren’t really up-to-snuff, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. foolproof says:

    Hey I just installed Proofing Tools from a mounted ISO image from the network and look how the setup finished screen is showing: http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/6762/proofingtools.png

  5. sgs says:

    Stefanie– quick question. can you guys give us any sense of how much (if at all) parsing performance has improved in office 2010?

     The last comparison I’m aware of was from ~2005, was done by people at MSR, and showed that nlpwin performed significantly (~10% points) below Charniak’s parser on both precision and recall.  Have y’all been able to narrow the gap?

    Thanks for your time.

  6. Mike says:

    The setup for English Office 2010 installs outside of UK/US seems to be broken for the thesaurus at least.

    See my comments on this LifeHacker report on the "Strange Language Settings" bug.


    Also have you fixed the bug where LAD would always switch users back to English(US) regardless of their primary English locale?

  7. m.anter says:

    I can no more access the Online Terminology and Glossary Search on Microsoft Language Portal. Was the site removed.

    Thanks in advance

  8. m.anter says:

    It's available now with a brand new look.


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