Proofing Tools in Office 2010

On Monday this week, Microsoft launched the Office 2010 Technical Preview.  Thousands of customers can now download this latest version of Office to try out the cool new features and provide feedback.

Updates and Replacements

The Technical Preview includes proofing tools for English as well as for French and Spanish. We are delighted to announce that these proofing tools include brand-new spell checkers, contextual spellers, hyphenators and thesauri. We are excited about the release of these new proofing tools and eager to receive your feedback.

Improvements in the English Thesaurus

The English thesaurus in particular has seen some changes. You will now be able to find more synonyms in fewer steps. In Office 2007, if you look up the word tables, the only suggestion is table – the same as the lookup word, only in the singular. Next you have to look up the word table, select the synonym you are looking for and manually add an ‘s’ to the word to convert it back to plural. Four steps that include manual edits for one simple lookup. All of this can be done in one simple step in Office 2010. The screenshot below shows the results of the thesaurus in Office 2010 for the word tables:


We call this “inflectional morphology”.  Try the same with the word smarter in your Office 2007 version, and you will see why we think that inflectional morphology is a big step forward. We also added additional data to provide more synonyms for your lookups.

Localized Versions and Language Packs

The current Technical Preview includes Proofing Tools for English, French and Spanish. If you install the Technical Preview, you will not be able to run proofing tools for any language other than English, French and Spanish. For this release we have made significant changes in the proofing infrastructure, therefore  the Language Packs from previous Office versions including Office 2007 are not compatible with Office 2010. Proofing tools for these languages will become available with the release of the localized versions or with the subsequent release of the Language Packs for Office 2010.

Stefanie Schiller

Microsoft Natural Language Group – Program Manager

Comments (63)
  1. Anonymuos says:

    Please pls include a Marathi thesaurus and translation dictionaries for Indian languages which have been forever absent. There is a thesaurus for Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.

  2. maro says:

    pls include dictionary for Greek language in proofing tools in office 2010.

    Is this ok? pls answer.


  3. josean says:

    me falta para valorar el programa ya que me es dificil en ingles

  4. josean says:

    me es dificil  valorarlo en ingles

  5. Nikolas says:

    pls include dictionary for Greek language in proofing tools in office 2010.

    Is this ok? pls answer.


  6. ludi says:

    please Include also Indonesian language pack… Office proofing tools had it in win XP, and 2003 but disappeared since 2007 versions…

    Thank you for your time!

  7. Please remember the most importent language og then all, Norwegian. Without it beta releases are useless.

  8. Vicente de Paul0 says:

    Is there any way I can use any other proofing tools with office 2010? I need Brazilian Portuguese

  9. Vicente de Paul0 says:

    Is there any way I can install and use office 2007  brazilian portugues proofing tool on Office 2010

  10. Kamil Büyükmirza says:

    To continue using Office 2010, I urgently need proofing tools for Turkish. Is there any way of using tools for Office 2007 with Office 2010 or should I install back my Office 2007?

  11. Ross Snowden says:

    Please tell us when a German language pack becomes available; even if it’s just for the Office 2010 Beta.

  12. Lukas says:

    This tools doesn’t work, if the word you want to replace stands within a comment.

  13. Ross Snowden says:

    Say what?  Within a comment?  Do you mean quotation?  Please provide a screen-cast to give us a better idea of the problem.

  14. Danijel says:

    Please include serbian language for proofing tools in Office 2010.

  15. JP says:

    I think you shoud think proofing tools as a equally important part of the product, not as some "addon" to it.

    Prrofing tools for all languages shoud be available same time as beta version of the Office product. We customers want to evaluate the language packs also, as those are very important to us. No way I can organize a beta evaluation with pilot group, unless I provide proofing tools to them.

    And you shoud want feedback from these other alguages also.

    So please, next time, please provide Office 2010 Language Packs at the sam time as public beta and for more expensive versions of office, provide LP’s through microsoft update. This would be in line with Windows Ultimate UI -packs for different languages.

  16. Ross Snowden says:

    Thank you for that comment about the proofing tools. It’s the first helpful comment I’ve read here. I feel exactly the same way you do about the language packs being equally important. I too, am not really able to fully evaluate the beta unless I have German proofing tools along with the English ones installed by default.  The language packs should always be included with the price of the Office package, and any updates should be made available through the usual Microsoft Update process.  I had to actually purchase a German language pack for my Office 2007 package, and wasn’t particularly thrilled about having to do that. On top of that, the German language pack wasn’t even available at the time Office 2007 was released! Now I can’t even use the language pack I purchased with the 2010 beta.

    Something really needs to be done about that. Otherwise, Office 2010 looks to be great, but I’m not going to continually upgrade if I feel I’m been nickel and dimed without any major improvements.

  17. Günther Neuhofer says:

    Will we get a German Proofing Tool before the final release of Office 2010

  18. Asbjørn says:

    I absolutely agree with the last comments. Proofing tools are not an addon to Word (or other parts of Office), but rather a core part of the product. And why would you not want proofing tools (and the interface translation) tested before release? For example, the Danish translation of Office 2007 is hideous and has several serious mistranslations.

  19. We also need the Office 2010 Nepali language proofing tool.

  20. We also need the Office 2010 Nepali language proofing tool.

  21. Marco Esteves says:

    I need Proofing tools in portuguese.

    When is the release date?

  22. Marijo Nizetic says:

    I bag You enable us Proofing Tools in Croatian language as quick as possible, please!

  23. hallo graag ook in het nederlands toevoegen…

  24. Nikos says:

    please include dictionary for Greek language in proofing tools in office 2010 as soones you can.we can’t work if we don’t have a dictionary.

  25. hekmat says:

    proofing tools in office 2010 for arabic language is required

  26. proofing tools in office 2010 for arabic language is required

  27. proofing tools in office 2010 for arabic language is required

  28. Ross Snowden says:

    Why do you people bother posting ridiculous things like this? I’m sure the Microsoft Office people know which languages are missing from the beta, and that we are waiting for language packs.  We get it.

  29. drazen says:

    Please include serbian language for proofing tools in Office 2010.





  30. at says:

    Please include ARABIC language for proofing tools in Office 2010.






  31. ldii says:

    I need English and Indonesian spelling and grammar checker. Can you help me, please?

  32. viorel says:

    It’s best if you include even romanian in proofing tools

  33. Revahak says:

    Turkish Please

    proofing tools in office 2010 for turkish language is required

  34. Rafael says:

    please include lenguage pack for portuguese!

  35. panos says:

    include greek prooging tools please!









  36. I would be happy to be able to expand my pc to a german dictionary. I use both languages all the time and need an easy way to switch to spelling checks on my pc. I am surprised how difficult this simple task seems to be. what am I missing?

  37. Ross Snowden says:

    I hear you. I don’t know why Microsoft leaves this out of the beta, and final product, for that matter. I think all the languages should be included for optional download, and they should be free as well, considering there are many good free dictionaries available for Firefox and other browsers.

  38. Jorge Tavares says:

    I think that is useless to test office 2010 without the proofing tools. That´s not a minor question. That´s a very big issue. Microsoft shoul´d think about this "little detail" before releasing the beta version.

    P.S. Portuguese pack needed!

  39. Jorge Cardoso says:

    I am testing Office 2010 beta, and like Jorge Tavares said, it is a big issue the beta version of Office don’t be released with proofing tools.

    I need Portuguese pack.

  40. John says:

    Pls include proofing tools in German asap!!

  41. Ross Snowden says:

    You’re not going to get those proofing tools. Don’t even bother mentioning it anymore. Microsoft could case less; that’s my guess. If the roll-out is anything like Office 2007, they’ll make you wait for language packs even after the release.

  42. Hbenshalom says:

    Testing Office 2010 is useless without proofing tools. German and Hebrew are a must!

    Microsoft should offer those for the beta, otherwise why wasting time and efford.  Office 2007 does a good job.

  43. Proof says:

    Please, include Ukrainian language in proofing tools 2010! Thank’s in advance!

  44. Petros says:

    Google have proofing tools for Google docs.. Upload the files and let Microsoft figure out why Google is THE major player Worldwide.

  45. boris says:

    It’s a share that you do not provide proofing tools with all product releases. This kind of " segmentation" is not going to increase sales but get worse customer experience, customers that will look to other solutions where they can get this feature for free and without headaches.

  46. branden gage says:

    German proofing tools for office 2010

  47. sco69 says:

    48 millions of Ukrainian will appreciate a lot support of Ukrainian language in proofing tools

  48. Shawshank8x says:

    I agree that the proofing tools should come with each release.

    First you get us hooked on the tools in a way that we can hardly write errorless in our own language, let alone in another language.

    As a good little Belgian, working in the IT sector, I switch between 3 languages regularly(Dutch, English, French).

  49. Joan Pedersen says:


    will Office 2010 still be using the CSAPI? If so, where can I obtain the documentation for the current version of the API and license to use it to implement a custom spell check engine? ( says to contact Microsoft Developer Support, but after searching the referenced websites for hours, I still haven’t found the proper place to ask).



  50. javier says:


    Can anyone from the MS Office team post here where we can monitor the release date for the

    Office Proofing Tools 2010. Please!

    Thanks, javier

  51. Dietmar says:

    Finally, you need to buy additional proofing language, ~ $25 per language. No, thank you, I will continue to use 2007.

  52. Useless says:

    I think Office 2010 is useless without proofing tools…I will continue using Office 2007 SP2 with Proofing tools until Microsoft releases Proofing tools for Office 2010.

  53. Nicolas says:

    How can I inslall greek proofing tools

  54. Bruno says:

    Is it too much to ask for you to put the expected release dates for each missing languages? cheers. BTW… Outlook 2010 is awesome…

  55. Santiago says:

    Please I need Greek proofing tool for office 2010

  56. dzhumeken says:

    Hi @Iudi office 2007 has already released proofing tool for Indonesian, if you can spare time a bit searching it you may found that. I have one.

  57. Giwrgakis says:

    plz include greek dictionary for 2010……

  58. Jake says:

    Dear Microsoft Office Team, A whole island will be grateful if you develop "papiamentu" for the local and "Nederlands" for the school.

  59. Stephen says:

    Still no sign of the release of the proofing tools?

    Until they're released I'm unable start deploying Office 2010. Can't someone at Microsoft give us an ETA?

  60. bag manufacturers says:

    I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i want to hear more about this in future.

  61. Renate says:

    the spell check does not work.  I even added extra w's in words throughout and "The spelling and grammar check was complete" without finding any mispelled words.

  62. Sheila says:

    Still no proofing tools for German?? As an MSDN subscriber, I think it is ridiculous to get Office professional as part of the subscription and then have to pay extra for the proofing tools.

  63. Office 2010 SP1 here, both x86 (on the laptop) and x64 (on the desktop). The Greek speller makes all Office applications hang and go into "Not responding" mode. Finally a dialog box popped up that asked me if I wanted to disable the Greek speller, which I did.

    So, Greek proofing tools for Office 2010 are faulty and totaly unusable, as were the Greek proofing tools for Office 2007. Will Microsoft do soemething or they'll keep delivering faulty proofing tools to the Greek-speaking market?

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