Hotfix für die deutsche Silbentrennung

Microsoft hat einen Hotfix für die deutsche Silbentrennung in Office 2007 veröffentlicht. Dieser Hotfix  verbessert eine Reihe von inkorrekten Silbentrennungen bezüglich der Trennung von Präfixen, wie z.B. be-fasst, ein-lässt, auf-läuft , um-bringt, und der Trennung von Suffixen, wie z.B. Kennt-nis, sowie der Trennung von zusammengesetzten Wörtern, wie z.B. Haus-tür, Glas-tisch. Betroffen von dem Hotfix ist nur die Spracheinstellung Deutsch (Deutschland), wo die fehlerhaften Silbentrennungen aufgetreten waren. Deutsch (Österreich) und Deutsch (Schweiz) sind nicht betroffen.

Der Hotfix ist unter dem KB-Artikel zu finden. Weitere Informationen zu den Installationsanforderungen können Sie im KB-Artikel nachlesen. Der Hotfix wird auch über eines der nächsten Service Packs verfügbar sein.

Stefanie Schiller - Program Manager

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  1. dare says:

    Hijacking this post, I just need to get my top three wish list of German localization issues off my chest:

    1. I wish there could be a wor(l)d where a certain text processor could somehow be coerced into using the typographical correct Swiss German quotation marks (the guillemets) when switched to "Deutsch (Schweiz)" instead of the German German ones.

    2. I wish someone would excel in teaching a certain spreadsheet software that yes, there are some odd regions in the world where – for some odd reason – numbers use a comma as decimal separator while currency amounts use a dot and therefore it would be entirely use to use this settings when correctly configured in the locale of the OS.

    3. I wish somehow would have the power to point out that German is a language with long words with many syllables (and special terminology uses even longer words and more syllables), so that it would be nice if a certain presentation program could at least handle manual soft hyphenation correctly.

    Phewww, now I’m feeling better – Herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz!

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback – we are always happy to hear from our users, especially when they are not happy with our products. We do take user feedback very seriously: requests like this one are taken into consideration for future releases. Unfortunately it is not always possible to incorporate every suggestion. I realize that this can be frustrating from the customer’s perspective and it may seem that we don’t care. But I can assure you that this is not the case. My colleagues here at Microsoft deeply care about customer input and dedicate a lot of time and energy to take care of them.

    Now with regards to your wish list:

    Re #1: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have you tried customizing the quotation marks by adding them to the AutoCorrect list in Word? Click the Office button, Word Options, select Proofing, click AutoCorrect Options, and copy and paste the desired pairs into the table. I have tried this and it seems to work just as desired. In addition, I will consult with our Swiss colleagues in this matter to determine what the correct default behavior for Swiss German should be and work with the group responsible for this issue to change the quotation marks to guillemets if needed.

    Re #2: Again, thank you for bringing this up. Again, we will work with the group responsible for this issue. They will determine if this can be incorporated into the Operating System in a future version. However, as a workaround you might consider using the Microsoft Locale Builder, which enables users to create their own custom locale. Please see for further details, in particular the section on numbers, currencies and text.

    Re #3: I am assuming that you have set the language to German (Switzerland) and that the hotfix issue does not apply. Can you be more specific in what regard manual soft hyphenation does not work correctly? If you have specific examples of words that are not hyphenated correctly, please send them to us. We are aware that our hyphenator is not perfect, and we are actively working on improvements for a future release. Specific examples  would be very helpful to find any wrong hyphenation points that we still might have in our hyphenator. Please also understand that language is unlimited and that it is therefore not possible to create a perfect language tool within a limited amount of time.

    I should also mention that we do have a team of linguists and native speakers for all of the languages for which we provide proofing tools. That does not mean that we always get it right, but we do give our best 😉

    Herzliche Grüße aus Redmond,

    Stefanie [MSFT]

  3. Samy says:

    Hallo Stefanie,

    Republik ist ein Wort, das unter German (German) weiterhin falsch getrennt wird.

    aus Re-pu-blik macht Office 2007 Re-pub-lik

    Viele Grüße,


  4. Ross Snowden says:

    Na super … und das wir auch dafür bezahlen sollten. Mensch!

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