Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac now supports the French spelling reform

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac was released this week. Users who are interested in the French language will notice a change in the French spell-checker, which now takes into account the French spelling reform, which is recommended by official bodies such as the Académie Française, the Conseil Supérieur de la langue française, the French Ministry of Education, the Groupe québécois pour la modernisation de la norme du français, the Réseau pour la nouvelle orthographe du français, etc.

The official texts make it abundantly clear that both the traditional (‘old’) spelling and the ‘new’ (recommended) spelling are valid. As can be seen below, the Mac Office 2008 speller accepts both forms by default (traditional and new spellings). Users of the Office 2007 French speller are already familiar with the three options which enable them to change this default mode. As of this week, Mac Office users can now also decide whether they want their speller to:

(a)  consider the old and new forms as valid (which is the default option)

(b) apply only the traditional (‘old’) spelling (i.e. ‘new’ forms will be squiggled)

(c) apply the ‘new’ (rectified) spelling only (i.e. the ‘old’ forms will be squiggled)

If you are interested in a very brief description of the kinds of changes you might notice with this new speller, you can check out this post, which was written when we released the new speller for Office users a while ago.


 -- Thierry Fontenelle (Program Manager) 


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  1. [An English version of this post can be found on the blog of the Office Natural Language Group ] Microsoft

  2. Tom aronis says:

    Hi  will microsost add Greek Spell check for mac office? if not is there a 3rd party softwere that I can buy?

  3. Alex Kritikos says:

    Yes there is a third party component you can by from Neurolinga but its spicy (60 euros per user)

    What i dont understand is why Microsoft does not port their windows dictionaries to the mac and be done. Currently office for mac 2008 is becoming a very expensive options for greek mac users who are turning to openoffice derivatives.

  4. David says:

    Hey, there! I’m a student in Galicia

    (Spain) and it really bites me

    to type my papers in Galician

    but that’s reality and I’m here to face

    it. There are proofing tools for galician

    in previous releases of Office, for

    Windows, mainly. I hope it wouldn’t be a

    big deal to make a release for us, poor

    galician mac users.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your time,

    there are not few people here who happens

    to have the same problem I do and I think

    it would be really helpful, otherwise I’m

    afraid our papers are going to be a great

    mess (many rule troubles, you see…)

    Well, thanks anyway, if you do something

    would be so kind as to mail me?

    THANKS (again)

  5. Nick Markou says:

    Alex, poio einai to site ths Neurolinga?

  6. Antony says:

    Neurolingo greek spelling doesn’t supports entourage 2008 , MICROSOFT is a racist company which hates Greek users and they should fix that and FINALY release an update with Greek spelling for all the office 2008 apps !

  7. adudus says:

    Merci beaucoup pour l'aide, mon texte est maintenant vérifié en français, merci merci merci

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