Contextual spelling: US English only?

Laurie asked us via the Email/Contact link: I was always under the impression that the Contextual Spell Checker only works if your language is set to English (US) rather than English (UK). However, I have recently seen the blue squiggly lines appear for English (UK).Can you confirm whether this has come about as a result…


When Languages Die

James was talking about endangered languages the other day. I have just finished reading David Harrison’s new book on “When Languages Die – The Extinction of the World’s Languages and the Erosion of Human Knowledge”, which I discovered via Michael Kaplan’s blog. It’s a fascinating account of language disappearance, which takes place because thousands of…


Fellow linguist blogger in Windows International

Kieran is a fellow linguist on the Windows International team, working closely with the team delivering Windows Desktop Search. She’s got some great insight into language and technology on her “Loneliness of the Long Distance Linguist” blog. Check her out here: Linguists, we are everywhere! 🙂   — Jay Waltmunson (Program Manager)