Multilingual Options for the 2007 Office System Desktop

My colleague Adam Rosenblatt alerted me to an interesting document was recently posted to the Microsoft Partner Site. 

This narrated presentation provides an overview of options for deploying multilingual Office 2007 desktops and discusses the changes and improvements since the 2003 release.  Topics covered include: document proofing tools, localized user interfaces, localized user assistance, localized 2007 Office versions, the Office Multi-Language Pack 2007, Language Interface Packs, new language neutral architecture, and deployment benefits.  


This presentation is located at


There is a lot of very useful information in this document. Check it out!


Thierry Fontenelle

Natural Language Group (Program Manager)

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  1. [ English version of this post here : Multilingual Options for the 2007 Office System Desktop ] Mon collègue

  2. Rob says:

    Slide 14 says: "Single Language Packs

    Purchase and Download from Office Online

    Starting January 30, 2007" – well it is almost April and there is no Language Pack at all 🙁

  3. Dirk says:

    I just had a long support call with MS and the result was that the real Multi Language Pack (which includes the Proofing Tools installer) got delayed until later this year (2007). No ETA possible, not even a rough estimate. The technician told me, after talking to 3rd level Office developers, that the only option I have is to install the Proofing Tools as part of a single language pack, which will result in 39 entries under Add/Remove Programs if I install all of them (which I have to) and caching everything even though I only need the Proofing Tools. This way I have to carry about 11-20 GBytes in my image instead of a couple 100MBytes just for the Proofing Tools. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Besides that he said I’m the only one who called and requires just the Proofing Tools. And besides the fact that Proofing Tools were available since Office 97 (just 10 years) and are now, 9 months after the initial release of Office 2007, still not available for their state of the art flagship product. I guess Microsoft really rules the world and can do what they want, regardless how much it costs other companies to stay in business.

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