What other languages for proofing come with my version of Office?

When you buy the English version of Office 2007, you also get the ability to install proofing tools (e.g., hyphenators, spellers, etc.) for Spanish and French, the two "companion" languages for English. That is, "Each language version of the 2007 Office release includes Proofing Tools for a set of companion languages." If you want to find out what companion language tools come with each version of Office, check out the details here:


For example, do you get other tools when you get the Estonian version of Office? You bet! You also get English, German, Russian, and Finnish language tools. Hope this helps.

-- Jay Waltmunson & Thierry Fontenelle (Program Managers)


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  1. ThePhonologist says:

    I am a US American linguistics graduate student who works with German and Finnish.  I just purchased Office Pro 2007 and was dismayed to find that proofing tools for these languages aren’t available yet (I guess I should have bought the Estonian version!:)).  

    Do you have any idea when these will be released?


  2. Rob says:

    Yes, same situation here. I’ve purchased the UK version of Office and now I am desperately seeking German proofing tools. I’ve read in this blog that additional languages can be downloaded separately (‘Proofing Tools and Office 2007’ 11-6-2006) but I cannot find the URL to do so. Can someone help me out please?

  3. Andre says:

    Include me on this request. 🙂 My Office comes with two languages that I need: English and Portuguese. I wanted German too.

    I don’t think we will be able to download a single proofing language from the web. We might have to buy the whole Multi-Language Pack CD for that.


    And it could be a little expensive for just one language.

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