More details on the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

Here are some more details on the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007....  (Note, this is in addition to an earlier post we put up.) This information was taken from some internal documentation that has been approved for release:

What is the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007?

The Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 is an add-in product that can change the entire user experience of Office 2007 desktop applications by enabling each desktop to support many languages.. This includes Menus/User Interface, Help, Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Spell Checker. In addition to enhancing the user experience, a user can elect to use individual aspects of the pack, such as spell checker to proof a document in a language other than the default language set on their computer.

 What languages are available?

The MLP will include tools for the following languages:

Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi,   Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian Latin, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese (HK), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Turkish, Ukrainian.

-- Jay Waltmunson (Program Manager)

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  1. link says:

    from where can i get the  portuguese lip pack??????????????????????????

  2. Theo says:

    I can not find the Multi-Language Pack on MSDN Subsriber downloads. Where can we find it and download it?

  3. slijkh000 says:

    Can you pls inform us of the timeline of the SLP’s or MLP’s become available? Now Office 2007 RTM has been released, I wish to go localised.

    thx, Paul

  4. Ankur Jindal says:

    I want to use Microsoft office spell checker for my .net based multilingual windows form, My requirement is to check spellings of a free text area on my form.

    Please suggest me the best possible option.

    Thnx – Jindal

  5. HoleInOne says:

    Any change in release date lately (My latest info is end of januari 2007)

    I downloaded it on the 6th, but it was not there yet 😉

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Jindal,

    You can use the IsSpellCheckEnabled feature for background spell-check in Avalon. The Avalon edit control exposes speller functionality, so that would enable you to check the spelling of free text in your forms.  

    I hope it’ll help,

    Thierry Fontenelle [MSFT]

  7. Bashar says:

    from where can i get the  danish lip pack??

  8. ver0 says:

    Need russian proofing tool, pls help!!!

  9. RAFreire says:

    When will Microsoft Office Pack 2007 – Portuguese be available? I have to aquire one.

  10. umapathyxp says:

    Hi, Is there a similar product like Office 2003 Proofing Tools? like Office 2007 Proofing Tools (Which includes Tamil). I am native Tamil from Sri Lanka. I edit a lot of Tamil documents if the product is available please let me know. Multi Language Pack 2007 doesn’t have Tamil.

  11. Tyger says:

    I need Croatian interface pack (language pack) for Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise. If somebody now where can i download this pack please help me on mail:

    Thank you so much.

  12. Follow the link above for the modified setup file for MS Office 2003 Proofing Tools.

    Replace the file on the original Proofing Tools CD with this one.

    This patch skips the version check performed at start-up and you can install your 2003 proofing tools on a Office 2007 with no problems whatsoever.

    I don’t know what are those crackheads at microsoft up to but the old Proofing Tools are perfectly compatible with office 2007. (exept a minor glitch with romanian characters)

    Frak them, I’m not waiting around forever and pray they will release a 2007 Proofing Tools pack.

    Take the file it works 100%.

    By the way it’s spy/add/virus free.

  13. says:

    Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows Vista English

  14. PK Baranwal says:

    How to install MLI of MS Office 2003 in Windows Vista?

  15. Mister Woofie says:

    In Office 03, it was possible to toggle by Word > Tools > Set Language.  How is it done in Word 07?

  16. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Mister Woofie,

    If you install the Traditional Chinese Language Pack, you will get a “Chinese Translation” section on the Review tab of Word 2007. It will enable you to convert Simplified to Traditional Chinese and vice-versa.

    I hope it helps,


  17. Mister Woofie says:

    Thank you.  After intstalling the language pack, I was able to add to the Quick Access toolbar a command to convert into Simplified, and a command to convert into Traditional.  

  18. says:

    Office 2007 Language Interface Pack (LIP) downloads

  19. iSiutes says:

    Where to download the Lithuanian language pack? :/. Was searching for it whole day. Result – nothing. I saw very lot of languages no where were mine. 😐 Thanks foregone. 🙂

  20. Hi iSiutes,

    The Lithuanian Language Pack can be downloaded from, where you will find information about Language Packs for Office 2007.

    See also an earlier post on this blog about Single Language Packs for Office 2007:

    I hope it will help.

    Thierry Fontenelle [MSFT]

  21. Abhay says:

    from where can i download MultiLanguage Interface Pack for office 2007 standard?

  22. Hello,

    The Multi-Language Pack is available for purchase in major retail stores and via their Web sites, as well as through Microsoft volume licensing programs.


    Thierry Fontenelle [MSFT]

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