Proofing Tools and Office 2007


A user was asking us the other day whether there was going to be a Proofing Tools 2007 kit, as was the case for previous releases of Office. The answer is not just “yes”, so it may be worth giving a little more details.


There will indeed be a Proofing Tools Kit (PTK), but it will not be marketed as it was in Office 2003. The 2007 PTK will actually be part of the Multi-Language Pack (MLP). This pack consists of 3 CDs. The first two CDs include all the Single Language Packs (SLP), each of which contain proofing tools (spell-checker, grammar checker, hyphenator, thesaurus…) as well as the localized user interface (UI) and localized Help for a given language.  The third disc will contain all the proofing tools by themselves.


If a user just wants to add one or two proofing tools (say, they want to use a Russian or an Italian speller, which is not part of the default English version of Office), they will be able to download the SLPs for those additional languages in which they are interested. But if someone is deploying many proofing tools languages and does not want the associated UI or are concerned about disc space, they will be able to purchase the boxed MLP and use the third disc. Enterprise customers that purchase the multilingual license will have access to any of these deployment methods.


This flexibility is designed to respond to demand from users. We have regularly seen on newsgroups that many individual users are interested in adding one or two languages to their own configuration. Being able to directly download and purchase a single set of linguistic tools (a speller, a thesaurus and a grammar checker, for instance) for a given additional language will meet many users’ needs.


-- Thierry Fontenelle (Program Manager)

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  1. [An English version of this text can be found here on the Microsoft Natural Language Team’s blog ] Un

  2. Here are some more details on the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007…. (Note, this is in addition

  3. Mike Deakins says:

    I tried the proofing tools in Office 2007, unlike 2003 proofing tools, it installs without any SR and TTS engine. Is there a place I can get the SR and TTS engines?

  4. Filipe says:

    I need the proofing tools in portuguese, because i needed in my school works!

  5. Ted says:

    I ran into some conflicting information about use, or inability to use the 2003 proofing tools on the Office site.  The following seems to suggest that they are indeed usable:

    To expand advanced editing and UI support to up to 37 additional languages, you can add one or more Office Language Pack 2007 or the Office Multi-Language Pack 2003 to any localized version.

    …while other pages suggest that they are incompatible.

    Do you have a definitive answer?

    It seems it might not be useful to acquire Vista or Office 2007 until the multi-Language Packs are available in June (or later)

  6. This is all nice and exciting. However, I would like to know when and where this will be available. I read something about march and/or may, but cannot find it back.

    Kinds regards, Henri

  7. Rolus says:

    You can check this out on I am trying to get also italian and German tools, but by now I was unsuccessful.. let’s go on with office 2004 until the release…

    "Microsoft releases localized versions over a period of several months following the initial release of its products. The first Single Language Packs will be available for purchase in March 2007. All languages are expected to be available by May 2007. The retail version of the Multi-Language Pack is expected to be available in stores in June 2007. Note: All dates are subject to change."

  8. Is there some notification mechanism to know when language packs are released?  Some RSS feed perhaps (please!)?  I’m desperately waiting for German, and would rather have a feed I can monitor than having to go to the above URL on a daily basis.

  9. Cecil Ward says:

    Bug report: Office 2007 upgrade-install over PTK2003 installed from CD sources

    I had a big problem trying to do an upgrade-install of Office 2007 over [Office 2003+PTK] on a WinXp machine. The installation ended up partly broken, as Word 2007 kept doing a per-user 1st-time install over and over again whenever the user looked at document properties for an existing .doc file, trying to install the English spelling checker again and again. Even uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2007 didn’t help cure this, surprisingly, it just created a new problem, prompting for a PTK.MSI which wasn’t available, as PTK2003 (which presumably contains the required PTK.MSi) was installed from CD, and the CD was not in the drive.

    Office 2007’s installer needs to do the right thing in the upgrade case where the installation is upgrading over PTK2003, and that scenario clearly needs to be listed as a use-case included in the testing matrix.

    This is quite a nightmare experience for less technical users, as the unhelpful Windows Installer prompt for a missing mysterious gives the user no clue as to where the required PTK.MSI might possibly be found or even which product it comes from, leaving the user completely stranded.

    Recommendation: Windows installer needs to tell the user which product to get a source file from, especially in a "multi-product, combined MSI sources" situation like this.


    Cecil Ward.

  10. Magda says:

    requesting the proofing tools for office 2007, I have office 2007 original I looked in the market for proofing tools even the agent of microsoft I couldn’t get.


  11. MSDN Archive says:

    As you can see on this blog, the Single Language Packs for Office 2007 are now available for download, so you can now get proofing tools for languages that are not provided by default with your version of Office: see for details.

    Thierry Fontenelle [MSFT]

  12. Eini says:

    MLP isnt still released (it should at beginning July07); do you have tips for installing other language spellcheck only (no localized menus) ?

  13. Dirk says:

    I just had a long support call with MS and the result was that the real Multi Language Pack (which includes the Proofing Tools installer) got delayed until later this year (2007). No ETA possible, not even a rough estimate. The technician told me, after talking to 3rd level Office developers, that the only option I have is to install the Proofing Tools as part of a single language pack, which will result in 39 entries under Add/Remove Programs if I install all of them (which I have to) and caching everything even though I only need the Proofing Tools. This way I have to carry about 11-20 GBytes in my image instead of a couple 100MBytes just for the Proofing Tools. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Besides that he said I’m the only one who called and requires just the Proofing Tools. And besides the fact that Proofing Tools were available since Office 97 (just 10 years) and are now, 9 months after the initial release of Office 2007, still not available for their state of the art flagship product. I guess Microsoft really rules the world and can do what they want, regardless how much it costs other companies to stay in business.

  14. Miguel Lopez says:

    Hello, I’m also looking for Office 2007 proofing tools. I don’t understand how they aren’t available yet.

  15. Richard says:

    When will the MLP finally be available???

    We really require the "third disk" as soon as possible!

  16. Ken says:

    On our company’s MVLS, under "Office Multi Language Pack | English/MultiLanguage" nothing is listed as available for download.

    If you select English, you see "Office Multi Lang Pack 2007 Win32 English Disk Kit MVL CD" with a date of 2007-8-22 with a file size of 355,633kb zip and filename as "SW CD NTRL Office Language Pack 2007 W32 English #1 PA BP.X12-42345.exe".

    However, he size is more like the SLP, considering the zipped SLP for Japanese is 444,385kb and the Traditional Chinese is 542,534kb alone.

    Extracting the 355,633kb zip file produces:

    08/21/2007  06:00 PM    <DIR>          .

    08/21/2007  06:00 PM    <DIR>          ..

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Access.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          Word.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Catalog

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Excel.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Groove.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          InfoPath.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Office.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Office64.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          OMUI.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          OneNote.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:57 PM    <DIR>          Outlook.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:58 PM    <DIR>          PMUI.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:58 PM    <DIR>          PowerPoint.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:58 PM    <DIR>          Project.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:58 PM    <DIR>          Proofing.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          Publisher.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          VisMUI.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          Rosebud.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          Visio.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          SharePointDesigner.en-us

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          Updates

    08/21/2007  05:59 PM    <DIR>          XMUI.en-us

    10/27/2006  09:33 PM               175 autorun.inf

    10/27/2006  09:33 PM             2,480 README.HTM

    10/27/2006  09:33 PM           463,152 setup.exe

    which is only English and nothing else. So is the correct MLP version been uploaded to MVLS yet? If not, when will it be? This is the same thing that happened in February when the SLP was uploaded as the MLP on MVLS. Therefore, it appears that the problem has never been corrected.

  17. Stefan says:

    According to pop you need to install the Office 2003 proofing tools to get this basic functionality working. Don’t see this as an acceptable workaround. Microsoft, wake up and get this real MLP released!

  18. Mark Sowul says:

    I just downloaded the Russian language pack and am very unimpressed.  It doesn’t use Unicode, so the installer text comes up as gibberish.  Not keen to have to go through the trouble of changing the system code page and reboot (normal users are going to know how to do this?), I tried to fire up a virtual machine to do it so I could at least translate the options.  Of course, the damn thing uses SecuROM and so it doesn’t work in a virtual machine.

    Easy as pie.

  19. Seb says:

    Houch.. i’m not sure having understood everything.. my customer just bought Office 2007 MLpakc, and only recevied one CD : English Media.

    That means that he will not be able to have the functionnality he wanted that means "Full support for German, Russian, Portugueshe, etc (37 languages), proffing tools and Interface language"

    I’ll kill the vendor.

  20. Peter says:

    When….will this MLP finally be available.

    As enterprise organisation we are paying a lot of money for something we don’t get.

    The licensing website is telling us that we can download the MLP, however it is actually just the LP.

    Come on MS; get your product ready!

  21. Peter Kutuzov says:

    It opens a door to a New World

  22. ollow the link above for the modified setup file for MS Office 2003 Proofing Tools.

    Replace the file on the original Proofing Tools CD with this one.

    This patch skips the version check performed at start-up and you can install your 2003 proofing tools on a Office 2007 with no problems whatsoever.

    I don’t know what are those crackheads at microsoft up to but the old Proofing Tools are perfectly compatible with office 2007. (exept a minor glitch with romanian characters)

    Frak them, I’m not waiting around forever and pray they will release a 2007 Proofing Tools pack.

    Take the file it works 100%.

    By the way it’s spy/add/virus free.

  23. izan says:

    im trying to install microsoft office 2007.then i got a message saying "cannot find proofing.en-usproof.enproof.cad please select a difrent location.Please help.

  24. salah says:

    installing proofing tools for arabic

  25. salah says:

    difficulties in proofing tools  

  26. isac says:

    nao consigo instalar o office,,,

  27. Office User says:

    Die Office 2007 Oberfläche kann mit Hilfe von dem oben genannten Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 oder Office Language Pack 2007 auf Deutsch umgestellt werden…

  28. Aaron says:

    I installed the MLP 2007 but didn’t find the Simplified to Traditional and vise versa Chinese converter add-in that used to be in 2003.  Was this not included in 2007?

  29. Hello Aaron,

    The converter add-in is still there.  You just need to enable your primary language to any of the Chinese flavors in order to be able to convert from Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese and vice versa.  

    I hope it helps,

    Thierry [MSFT]

  30. Ken says:

    Aaron, if you installed one of the Chinese language packs, the Simplified to Traditional Chinese converter is located in the Review tab of the Ribbon for PowerPoint and Excel.

    However, for Word, it does not show up unless you must change the "Primary Editing Language" to Chinese using "C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Office ToolsMicrosoft Office 2007 Language Settings.lnk".

    I was informed in April 2007 that it is a Word bug that will not be fixed until Office 14.

  31. ali elsalmi says:

    I need this proofing tool for my system

  32. Kim says:

    Ken, I also need the feature of converting Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese. I am using English user interface.

    Do I need to install TWO language packs (Simplified Chinese AND Traditional Chinese), or ONE Chinese language pack is sufficient?


  33. joe557 says:

    one thing to ask, what about arabic proofing?

  34. MSDN Archive says:


    If you install the Traditional Chinese Language Pack, you will get a “Chinese Translation” section on the Review tab of Word 2007. It will enable you to convert Simplified to Traditional Chinese and vice-versa. You don’t need both packs.

    I hope it helps,


  35. MSDN Archive says:

    Arabic proofing tools are included in the Arabic language pack for Office 2007. See this post for more details:

    Arabic proofing tools include a speller, a grammar checker, a thesaurus and bilingual dictionaries.

    I hope it helps,


  36. Kevan Wilding says:

    I have an interesting addition to this section. I have a campus user who can use the chinese translation tools; BUT, if a local user administrator account is added to the machine, the conversions will not work, and changing via the Tools or the Language settings does not appear to have any effect.

    Can anybody suggest a work around for this.



  37. says:

    Office 2007 Language Interface Pack (LIP) downloads

  38. Sinesio Paco says:

    I’m searchin for portuguese corrector and dictionary for office 2k7 Sys, and it looks like I must buy it (pt language pack)… is it avaliable for donwload for free in somewhere???… or some alternative product different of customize my own dic… it will probably take all time I need to write my docs on customizing…



  39. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Paco,

    You are right, if you do not have a Portuguese version of Office 2007 and wish to get the Portuguese proofing tools, you should buy the Portuguese Language Pack for Office 2007 (see for more details). This pack will enable you to use a Portuguese UI, if you wish, as well as a Portuguese spell-checker, a thesaurus, a grammar checker and a hyphenator.


    Thierry Fontenelle

  40. Ski says:


    I’m looking for a location to download SP1 updates for all languages in the Office2007 Proofing Tools Pack.  In the Microsoft Download, I can get one langauge at a time (by changing the UI of the download site.)

    Is there a consolidated file(s) that I can download all language version of Proofing Tools Kit for Office2007 SP1?

    Also, the Office Customization module does not work with PTK nor the MUI (even the newly updated admin template installed.)  Is there trick for this… for no customization is possible above the config.xml?

    Thanks!!   Ski

  41. yaki says:

    I have installed both traditional and simplified chinese language pack for windows xp, but I still can’t use chinese translation.

    Can someone please help to tell me which files I am missing?

    I am using word 2007 with XP. By the way, can this work on vista too?

  42. lmarcia says:

    I wish a Proofing Tools kits for office 2007.

    Do you hlep me?

  43. Susil says:

    I have MS office 2007 in my lap top. I want to use spelling check not only in English, french or Spanisch but also in German. Is it possible?

  44. riathomas says:

    Nice update This tool is mainly useful for seo services thank you

  45. Anonymous says:

    MS Office Pro 2007 proofing tools are rather pathetic.  One would think Microsoft has the resources needed to make decent proof reading software.  Below is an example of a passage that MS Office Pro 2007 grammar checker thinks is good English (with zero mistakes — even though the passage barely passes as English):

    It is very convenient location where is only a few minutes walking distance from Shinagawa Station which is one of the Yamanote-Line stations with easy access to many places in central Tokyo as well as Haneda Airport.

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