Cool Blog on Localization Issues

Michael Kaplan has hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of posts on obscure details of unicode/internationalization/sort orders/etc.  Skim through his blog, it’s pretty impressive. He recently had a post on Japanese Word Breaking:   — Matt Harrington (Software Developer Engineer in Test)   


What other languages for proofing come with my version of Office?

When you buy the English version of Office 2007, you also get the ability to install proofing tools (e.g., hyphenators, spellers, etc.) for Spanish and French, the two “companion” languages for English. That is, “Each language version of the 2007 Office release includes Proofing Tools for a set of companion languages.” If you want to find out…


More details on the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007

Here are some more details on the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007….  (Note, this is in addition to an earlier post we put up.) This information was taken from some internal documentation that has been approved for release: What is the Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007? The Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 is an add-in…


Shouldn’t we use the Office 2007 contextual speller when writing a news release?

  It’s interesting to see how useful the new Contextual Speller feature in Office 2007 can be. If Office 2007 had been used to write the news release about the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 issued yesterday by Microsoft over the PR Newswire, the following correction, which you can read here, would not have been necessary:…


You know who you are

A friend of mine, a university researcher, tells of a colleague whose students trusted the English spellchecker beyond reason. He got a paper labeled with the name “Troika Miller”. He didn’t recall anyone by that name in the class, and he couldn’t imagine a mother naming her child “a carriage in which three horses are harnessed…


Natural Language Researcher assumes technical assistant post

Bill Gates announced last month that Joshua Goodman would be his new technical assistant. Joshua writes: I joined Microsoft as a Researcher in MSR in 1998. During that time, I’ve worked on speech recognition, stopping spam, and email among other topics. I helped start the MSN Safety Team that still builds spam filters for Microsoft’s…


Proofing Tools and Office 2007

  A user was asking us the other day whether there was going to be a Proofing Tools 2007 kit, as was the case for previous releases of Office. The answer is not just “yes”, so it may be worth giving a little more details.   There will indeed be a Proofing Tools Kit (PTK),…


Update: People Still Smarter than Computers!

Jonathan & Margaret over on the Word blog have some nice words about the contextual spellchecker. They mention a well-known (but anonymous) poem, “Ode to My Spell Checker”–just the sort of thing the contextual spellchecker ought to handle, you might think?  Well, let’s take a look:   Whoops!  Only four errors caught?  And one of them isn’t…


The Dutch spelling reform in Microsoft Office

 [Une version en français de ce blog est disponible ici:]   A few days ago, a Dutch-speaking school from Gent, in Belgium, asked us whether the Dutch spell-checker available in Microsoft Office 2003 takes into account the spelling reform promulgated in October 2005 by the Nederlandse Taalunie, the official linguistic body for the Dutch…