Meet C++ AMP engineers in San Jose

A number of us who you already know through our blog posts (Daniel, David, Jerry, Lukasz, Paul, Simon, Weirong) will be in San Jose all this week for NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC). We'll be hanging out in the Microsoft lounge waiting to show you cool demos and to hear your feedback and requests on C++ AMP. Additionally, if you are interested in joining the C++ AMP team, come talk to us about it there.

Beyond the lounge, I strongly encourage you to attend our two-part session on C++ AMP on Wednesday 5pm, and Thursday 10am. In one of them I'll be demonstrating, to an extent not shown before publicly, the market leading parallel and GPU debugger in Visual Studio.

For those of you not going to GTC (and those that just visited this blog for the first time), you can  learn about C++ AMP through the many starter links on the left of the C++ AMP blog. We recently revamped that area, so click on the links on the right of this post in your web browser and learn. The slides used in the session are available there, as well as the recently updated C++ AMP open specification, samples, articles, videos, etc.

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