Screencasts on C++ AMP

A great way to learn a technology, beyond reading about it or working through code samples, is by watching short recordings representing mini-tutorials that we call screencasts. These are essentially a recording of somebody's screen while they walk you through some code and explain concepts. We'll have many of those, and you'll be able to follow them on the C++ AMP channel9 tag (RSS).

Our first 4 C++ AMP screencasts accompany the first MSDN magazine article that I already mentioned on our blog, and here are the direct links to the screencasts:

  1. Setup code - C++ AMP - msdn mag companion part 1
  2. array_view, extent, index - C++ AMP - msdn mag companion part 2
  3. parallel_for_each - C++ AMP - msdn mag companion part 3
  4. accelerator - C++ AMP - msdn mag companion part 4

If you have questions after watching them, we'd be happy to take them as usual in our online MSDN forum.

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