External C++ AMP coverage

We have been sharing a lot of content about C++ AMP on this blog and obviously we are excited about the technology that we created - no surprise there.

I always believed, and still do, that our enthusiasm about this technology will be matched by customers when we finally release C++ AMP with the RTM release of Visual Studio 11 in the future. I also anticipate that the Beta release will also result in more "eyeballs" on C++ AMP. What I did not expect was so much interest in C++ AMP when it was announced in June (when there were no bits at all!) or with the early VS 11 Developer Preview release last September. I thought I'd share some of the external C++ AMP coverage in this post. Note: the links that follow without any context are in random order and none of their content is endorsed by Microsoft - I am just linking to stories I came across and the list is not exhaustive. With caveats out of the way, here come the links.

News sites or re-linkers that picked up announcements include the register, mary jo, nvidia, amd, amdagain, thevarguy, pcworld, infoworld, eWeek, betanews, itproportal, techeye, stockandshares and arstechnica. There has also been coverage in non-English languages such as heise, ru_sites_with_same_story, blognone, and atari. Beyond reactions to our announcements, there are developers who picked up the Developer Preview and started writing code to the point where they started asking detailed questions about C++ AMP, which you can browse in our official forum, but also on StackOverflow. There have also been mostly non-technical discussions in other forums most notably reddit and slashdot.

Beyond silently evaluating the technology or re-posting links about it, some individuals went further in their experimentation to the point of posting their experience on their own blogs. Some examples are:

I'll be doing another roundup of external coverage at a future release milestone... Maybe your content will feature on it (let us know the URL to consider)...

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