Code Samples for the Concurrency Runtime, Agents Library and Parallel Pattern Library updated for Beta2

We’ve posted an update to our sample pack at for Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 . The newest thing is this drop of the sample pack are the three new header files in the ConcRTExtras folder.  Here’s what these files contain:

ppl_extras.h contains additional stl style parallel algorithms like parallel_accumulate, parallel_partial_sum, parallel_transform, parallel_all_of, parallel_any_of, parallel_none_of and also parallel_for_fixed, parallel_accumulate_fixed, parallel_partial_sum_fixed.

agents_extras.h contains additional useful message blocks like spriority_buffer, bounded_buffer, alternator, join_transform and  a recalculate_buffer.

concrt_extras.h contains useful wrapper classes and functions from the runtime itself like concrt_suballocator a std::allocator built on Concurrency::Alloc, task_scheduler, schedule_group and schedule_task which are simple wrapper classes around Scheduler and ScheduleGroup that offer functor support like PPL for scheduling tasks.

These are located in the Concurrency::samples namespace and the team will be blogging about many of these over the coming weeks, but please feel free to ask any questions here or in the forums.


Comments (1)

  1. zinc says:

    I think the pattern should be replaced with "Embarrasingly Parallel".  This is a well-known term with a well-defined meaning.  The pattern could talk about how even the easy cases of parallelism are not easy.  You have to choose grain size and figure out how to start processes.  Usually the rsults have to be combined in some way.

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