.Net Framework 3.0 is live

WCF and the other goodies are available for download here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=10CC340B-F857-4A14-83F5-25634C3BF043&displaylang=en  

WCF and eBay

eBay provides a very rich, though very complicated, SOAP API.  It is possible to use WCF with eBay, but it takes a few tricks.  First read this article.  I’ll wait.  Ok, since that didn’t scare you away I’ll continue.  Everything there is still necessary except the custom message encoder for removing the quotes around the…

Useful "knobs" for WCF <-> WSE interop

Let’s take the scenario of a WCF client and a WSE service using MTOM either with or without security, here’s some of the settings that help make this possible.  I’m going to focus mostly on code, but almost all or all of these are available via config.   First off, the proxy created for WCF will be missing pretty much…

WSE Quick Links

If you haven’t seen it, Pablo Cibraro has a lot of informative posts about WSE (and WCF).  These include implementations of WS-Federation and WS-Polling among a great number of others, just keep scrolling. Julie Lerman points out the number #1 cause of performance degradation with WSE:  tracing has been on for a while and the trace files have gotten huge.  This…


WinFX February CTP available

The February CTP for WinFX is now available for download.  Breaking changes are here.

Quick Links

Aaron Skonnard has a new Service Station column all about the new web services features in .NET 2.0 (ASMX 2.0 and WSE 3.0) and how they fit with the impending release of WCF. Kirk Evans has a great post about using WSE 3.0’s policy framework to get WSE 1.0 to talk to WSE 3.0. Another WCF…

So you want to move a lot of data

Yasser Shohoud has a great post up about moving large amounts of data with WCF.  The solutions are WCF-specific but the discussion of the problems (bandwidth utilization, memory utilization, and error recovery) is general to any system using web services to transfer big chunks of data.

SAML STS available for WSE 3.0

The patterns and practices team at Microsoft has just released a SAML STS for WSE 3.0 here:  http://practices.gotdotnet.com/projects/saml Also be sure to check out the main practices site for lots of great info including Web Services Secuirty Guidance.

WCF and WF "Go Live"

The latest drops of WCF (Indigo) and WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) are now available with a Go Live license.   Also the Indigo community site has launched at http://windowscommunication.net.  It’s replete with all the info to get started as well as samples, fora and other great resources.

New WSE 3 security policy article

Tomasz Janczuk, lead developer for WSE, has an article in MSDN Magazine going into detail about WSE 3’s new policy framework.