WCF Express Interop Binding on App Fabric TV

Here’s a new video I’m in from App Fabric TV doing a demo of the Express Interop Bindings.  The wizard and bindings are available for download here:  http://wcf.codeplex.com/releases/view/68276 And all those great interop resources are here:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/webservicesinterop.aspx

Windows Azure AppFabric June CTP released

Hurry over to http://portal.appfabriclabs.com/ to sign up, space is limited. This release showcases the new container, management and tooling for creating reliable, scalable applications in Windows Azure.  A complete introduction to all of the features and links to more resources is on the AppFabric Team Blog.

Exciting new bindings for WCF<->Java Interop

When configuring web services you have a lot of choices.  You have security algorithms, token types, encodings, reliability and many other settings to worry about.  Now when your clients and services are written using different stacks the challenge becomes finding configurations that both share.  The good news is generally there are configurations that will work…

Text Encoding and WCF

For the most part setting the encoding (UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.) on a WCF service is pretty simple:  set textEncoding on basicHttpBinding/wsHttpBinding or encoding on a textMessageEncoding in a customBinding.  It works in almost all cases, but there’s a surprising number of ways of indicating the encoding of message: the content type of the message an…

Deciphering a SOAP fault with a 400 status code

Recently working with a partner I came across a solution for a limitation in WCF error handling.  The root of the issue is a difference between SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 in the allowed HTTP status codes when a SOAP fault is returned.  For SOAP 1.1, the status code must be 500 “Internal Server Error”. …

TestApi v0.3 released

TestApi is a collection of test and utility API’s written to make testing WPF, WinForms, .NET, and Win32 applications easy.  I made some contributions to last week’s release (combinatorial variation generation).  Also new is a fault injection engine.  Previous features have included: Command line parsing Visual verification Application control Several WPF utilities You can check…


If you’re interested in what XAML can do for you today and what tooling is available, check out XAMLFest.  There’s a whole series of web seminars on WPF, Silverlight, Blend, and Visual Studio.

New XAML features in .NET 4.0 Beta 1

There’s a whole new XAML stack in the recently released beta 1 (download here) with a bunch of exciting new features making XAML even more expressive.  You can check out Rob’s blog and Channel 9 for an overview.  I thought I’d discuss some new features for designing new types (Activities, Services, etc) in XAML.  Sorry, this isn’t…

Lots of new WCF REST resources available

A new developer center just for WCF REST is now live at MSDN:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/wcf/rest. Plus the WCF REST Starter kit with oodles of goodies is available at Codeplex: http://www.codeplex.com/aspnet/Wiki/View.aspx?title=WCF%20REST. There’s also a forum to discuss the starter kit:  http://forums.asp.net/1180.aspx

PDC is coming

Uncloaking after a long absence, here’s some of what is new and exciting for the next release of WCF and WF:  everything can be done in XAML.  http://blogs.windowsclient.net/rob_relyea/archive/2008/09/30/pdc08-xaml-talk.aspx https://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/TL36/