Friday Favorite Apps

Hey friends! I wanted to let you know about some of the apps I'm loving this fine Friday.

So my first favorite, is the Neighborhood Crime Watch app for Windows Phone. Little known fact, I'm really paranoid about safety. I went to college at USC, and while it is the most awesome school ever, it happens to be set in a very unsafe neighborhood. I would hear about crime occurring all the time and because I'm aware of how prevalent it can be, I like to be overly cautious about my safety now, even though people say Dallas is much safer than Los Angeles.

This app lets you quickly take pictures, spot the location of suspicious activity and share the details with your neighbors and law enforcement. I am an active member of my Neighborhood Watch (seriously!) so I'm definitely going to have to let the group know about this app

Another one that is super handy is the Travel Time Calculator. I'm often driving to events around DFW, and sometimes in other cities, so this will be super handy for me because whatever form of transportation, just enter your speed and the distance to be traveled and Travel Time will tell you how long it will take! 

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