Get your health data from your doctors

 "Having online access to you and your family’s medical history can save more than time
--- it can save lives." 

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You want to know your bank account balance…. You want to know what you friends are
doing on Facebook…. Why wouldn’t you want to know what is going on with your


By keeping your medical records and other health & fitness data in one place,
you can get a more complete picture of your health.  And, who knows when
you might need a copy of your records to share with another doctor or emergency
department? That is not the time to go hunt this information down!


Today, more and more doctors, specialists, and clinics are able to give you an
electronic version of your health records. In the US, healthcare
organizations are given incentives to share medical records with their patients
electronically. So a great place to start is talking to your doctor’s
office.  Let them know you have a HealthVault account and would like an
electronic version of your medical records. 


There are a variety of ways doctors and hospitals can share medical records with you.
They can:

Send records directly to HealthVault using Direct messaging or a
HealthVault-connected app

Give records to you on a disc or let you download them from a “patient portal”
website (look for CCD, CCR, CCDA, XML, or BlueButton format)

Give records to you on paper (if this is your only option, see the Spotlight below
for a service that can help you convert them to electronic records)


Get more detailed information about each of these options in
HealthVault Help.


If your doctor would like more information about HealthVault, ask them to visit



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