Command Line Tools for Solver Foundation

Microsoft Solver Foundation provides several tools for modeling and solving optimization problems.  Don’t forget about msftcli – a simple command-line interface.  If you have downloaded the Express Edition, you can find it in Program Files\Microsoft Solver Foundation\\Bin.  Try it out, especially if you are a command-line guy like me:msfcli /? usage: MSFCli [[flags] files]+ files:…


Announcing Microsoft Solver Foundation

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the first version of Microsoft Solver Foundation!  Simply put, Solver Foundation is a set of modeling tools and solvers to help you make smart decisions when confronted with complex requirements and priorities.  A huge range of business and research problems can be modeled using Solver Foundation, including supply…


Coding Guidelines and Beautiful Code

For a team meeting I was asked to supply one slide’s worth of C# coding guidelines.  Here are the talking points I came up with: Follow “Design Guidelines for Developing Class Libraries” on MSDN. Naming:  PascalCasing/camelCasing, IMyInterface, avoid abbrv, appropriate namespaces.Order of declaration: Internal members, properties, ctor, methods, indexers.Documentation: Use XML documentation for public.  Why…


Quadratic Assignment Problems, Part I

Thanks for visiting! I have moved my blog. An updated version of this post can be found here.