When you have questions on WIT Extensibility or on my blog posts…

This week I am moving over to new team in Microsoft. I love workitemtracking and TFS, but I need to move out of country for family reasons and hence had to leave TFS. So I am not expecting to write anymore posts on TFS. I *might* start writing more on new areas I am going to work on though.

I still keep getting questions from various readers on WorkItemTracking and TFS. If you have question, please post your question to WIT forum at: http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=479&SiteID=1, someone in TFS team will answer your question. If you are not getting responses, you can try posting me question from link in this blog and I'll try to forward to right person. If it is really pressing and urgent question, contact CSS from support.microsoft.com (or 800/936-5800 if from US).

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  1. Paul Hacker says:

    Good luck on the new endevor. I will miss your wealth of TFS knowlegde you had choosen to share with us.

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