Fun with live web search macros

I was playing with search macros in and was amazed at what we can do with those. In past I could not search for keywords only in MSDN forums specific to VSTS. If I did a search in web, then my results had non-forum stuff as well, which was a clutter. Now I created a search macro to do exactly that . The macro is shared, so just add "macro:naren.vsts" at end of keywords in search and the results are scoped to only VSTS forums. It is possible because of macros functinality in and meta tags in forums.

I can also do complex queries like "show me all unanswered questions in WorkItemTracking forum" and also add it as an RSS feed to check unanswered questions whenever I go to live home page! Doing queries like getting all questions answered by me is trivial. I have a tool now that will show me results of keywords from VSTS forums, msdn (by appending at end of query), both & google in separate windows - comes handy when searching for an answer.

Joe has a tool posted here to construct complex queries and links to building macros

Comments (4)

  1. Shahar Prish says:

    Your link meta%3ASearch.MSForums.ForumID(479) meta%3ASearch.MSForums.IsAnswered(0)&offset=1#ttp://

    Is not working.

  2. Shahar Prish says:

    Also, it doesn’t seem to work at all with IE7.

    And when I used it with IE6 is was so slow, I had to switch to the vanilla msn search..

    But it sounds like a real nice feature. Cant wait for live search to be usable so I can try it out.

  3. It does work for me when I paste the link. There is a missing # sign in your comment before "q=", and after fixing it if I place it in addressbar of IE6, it works. I agree that it is sometimes slow.

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