Windows Azure Virtual Machine restarted with out any notification

An unexpected restart of an Azure VM is an issue that commonly results in a customer opening a support incident to determine the cause of the restart. Hopefully the explanation below provides details to help understand why an Azure VM could have been restarted.   Windows Azure updates the host environment approximately once every 2-3 months…


Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Gotcha’s!

This blog post is an attempt to summarize most common issues we’ve seen Windows Azure Virtual Machine users are running into and common questions that come up during our discussions with Virtual Machines customers.   1) Virtual machine disappeared or was deleted When you hit the usage limit on your account, for example with a…


Windows Azure Virtual Machine disappeared or gone , How do I recover?

  We often hear from our Windows Azure customers who are using new preview feature “Windows Azure Virtual Machines” that they created a VM and one fine day, it suddenly disappeared or gone. I’m writing this post to give few details about the issue and what steps can be performed to recover from the situation….


Windows Azure Package creation (or Publish) fails with “Build Failed” message in Visual studio output window

Action Tried to publish Windows Azure Service using Publish option in Visual Studio or Tried to create a service package using Package option in Visual Studio   Result Package creation fails with similar messages to below in Visual Studio output window Build started: Project: TestApp, Configuration: Release Any CPU ——TestApp -> C:\Projects\TestApp\TestApp\bin\TestApp.dllBuild started: Project: TestApp.Azure,…


DevFC and DFAgent stopped working when using Windows Azure SDK 1.6 to debug, execute cloud application

Problem DevFC , DFAgent are crashing with a message stating “stopped working”   Symptoms Using latest Windows Azure SDK 1.6, tried to debug a sample application and getting two dialog boxes stating DevFC stopped working, DFAgent stopped working. DFAgent.log has below exception details [2012/02/17, 10:35:26.706,  INFO, 00004648] StorageRoot: c:\dftemp [2012/02/17, 10:35:26.735,  INFO, 00004648] Exception has…


Unable to connect to one(or few) of the Windows Azure role instnaces using remote desktop (RDP) option

I have recently come across an issue, where Azure users are trying to remotely connect to one of the role instances and getting stardard time out error message similar to below.  “The remote connection has timed out. Please try connecting to the remote computer again” Symptoms RDP(Remote desktop) connection to other role instnaces might work…


Improve performance of static content like javascript, text, MS office documents(doc,xls,ppt), cs and html files in Windows Azure

Static compression is the feature that is shipped out of the box in IIS. Using static compression, developers/administrators can enable faster downloads of their web site static content like javascripts, text files, Microsoft office documents, html/htm files, cs files, etc.  Below articles explain you in detail about compression in IIS   HTTP Compression <httpCompression>…


"Your credentials did not work" error when connecting to Windows Azure VM’s

Below specified is the error that might occur while connecting to Windows Azure VM’s via remote desktop (mstsc).   One very common reason that all of us are aware for this issue is “wrong password”. However, I often come across situations where users are definitely specifying correct username, password and still the issue seem to…


How to add registry entries to VM’s running in Windows Azure

  One of the common asks from developers is the ability to write to registry in Windows Azure. Startup tasks in Windows Azure can help you write to registry. Below are the steps   1) Create sample.reg file with required registry entries. For testing purposes, I’m using sample.reg file with below entries Windows Registry Editor…


IP Range for Windows Azure Platform, Identifying connectivity issues

I often come across this question by various customers using Windows Azure Platform. “What is the IP range for Windows Azure? SQL Azure? AppFabric?, etc” The question arises due to the fact that organizations configure firewall/proxy to block/allow Inbound/Outbound traffic depending on rules they configure. If you are able to configure to allow outbound traffic…