Windows Azure Virtual Machine disappeared or gone , How do I recover?

  We often hear from our Windows Azure customers who are using new preview feature “Windows Azure Virtual Machines” that they created a VM and one fine day, it suddenly disappeared or gone. I’m writing this post to give few details about the issue and what steps can be performed to recover from the situation….


Windows Azure Package creation (or Publish) fails with “Build Failed” message in Visual studio output window

Action Tried to publish Windows Azure Service using Publish option in Visual Studio or Tried to create a service package using Package option in Visual Studio   Result Package creation fails with similar messages to below in Visual Studio output window Build started: Project: TestApp, Configuration: Release Any CPU ——TestApp -> C:\Projects\TestApp\TestApp\bin\TestApp.dllBuild started: Project: TestApp.Azure,…


DataCacheException:ErrorCode<ERRCA0016>:SubStatus<ES0001> is being thrown when using Windows Azure Cache

Problem Application using Windows Azure Cache has encountered “DataCacheException:ErrorCode<ERRCA0016>:SubStatus<ES0001>”   Symptoms Application is using Windows Azure Cache Intermittently or while storing larger objects, One of the below errors are encountered [DataCacheException:ErrorCode<ERRCA0016>:SubStatus<ES0001>:The connection was terminated, possibly due to server or network problems or serialized Object size is greater than MaxBufferSize on server. Result of the request…


DevFC and DFAgent stopped working when using Windows Azure SDK 1.6 to debug, execute cloud application

Problem DevFC , DFAgent are crashing with a message stating “stopped working”   Symptoms Using latest Windows Azure SDK 1.6, tried to debug a sample application and getting two dialog boxes stating DevFC stopped working, DFAgent stopped working. DFAgent.log has below exception details [2012/02/17, 10:35:26.706,  INFO, 00004648] StorageRoot: c:\dftemp [2012/02/17, 10:35:26.735,  INFO, 00004648] Exception has…