Setting up CI/CD targeting Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Using VSTS

Overview   In this blog, I will detail the steps to deploy a containerized ASP.NET Core Web api app into an OpenShift Kubernetes cluster.  The reader of this blog is assumed to have basic knowledge on the following topics: Containerization with Docker Cluster management and container orchestration using Kubernetes Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Visual…


Modernizing a Monolithic Application using Microservices and Azure

Context As companies embark on their digital transformation journeys, pressure on IT organizations have been mounting to levels that have never been experienced before.  Businesses have the following expectations, among others, from their IT organizations: Applications need to be developed, deployed and enhanced at a rapid pace Applications are always available, resilient and performant Features…


Setting up CI/CD for Docker Container Running in Kubernetes using VSTS

Context   In my last post, I covered how you can create a simple Web API, run the Web API in a Docker container and then deploy the container to a Kubernetes cluster provisioned using Azure Container Service (ACS) in Azure.  You can find the full post here. In this blog, I will cover how…


Running Web API using Docker and Kubernetes

Context As companies are continuously seeking ways to become more Agile and embracing DevOps culture and practices, new designs principles have emerged that are more closely aligned with those aspirations.  One such a design principle that had gained more popularity and adoption lately is Microservices.  By decomposing applications to smaller independent components, companies are able…


What are Microservices and Why Should You Care?

Context Nowadays, trends show that market conditions are changing constantly and at a pace we have never seen before.   New companies come into mature industries and completely disrupt them while existing companies that have been around for a long time are struggling to survive and to hold on to their market share. Also, building highly…


Versioning and Deploying Salesforce Metadata using TFS/VSTS

In this blog, I will show how you can use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) version control system to version control Metadata.  I will also show how the Build feature in VSTS can enable you to deploy Salesforce Metadata from one Salesforce development instance to a Salesforce QA instance.  Finally, we will configure Continuous…


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