Problem solving using KT Matix

  One of the goals of a Tester is to find accurate bugs and also the reason for the occurance of the bug.  By accurate bugs, what I mean is a bug that can be repro’ed.  If the bug repo’s intermittently then try to establish a pattern for the occcurance of the bug.  This boils…

Printing DataGridView contents in CSV format

   While answering questions on the regarding datagridview, i noticed that a good number of people wanted to store the contents of the datagridview in a csv (comma separated value format).   In this blog, i am just writing a simple solution for this.  We do this by printing each row of the Datagridview….


Pairwise Testing & PICT Tool

When we are testing an application, we have to see the how the application behaves in various combinations of OS’s, Platforms, etc.  The following table gives demonstrates that we have to test our app for the following combinations   1 OS Win XP, Win 2003 SVr, Vista, Win NT4 2 Language English, German, Japanese, Arabic…



I have been using Microsoft Word since the windows 3.0 in the 90’s and I should admit that whenever I used a newer version of it, I was pleased about the new features added in each one of them.   The main thing that I liked about Word for Windows is the WYSWYG and you need…

My First Blog

Hi,My name is Naga Satish Rupenaguntla.  I work in .Net Framework Client Team. In here, I will post my views about Windows Forms, Software Development, Products etc.  Thanks for stopping by,Satish