Gijo on VSTF migration tools

Gijo, test lead for VSTF migration tools has started blogging. He has got plenty of first hand experience with these tools, so check out his blog regularly to learn tips and tricks about them!!


Desktop Build – where are the commands?

In a team environment, developers would need to use the same build configuration that is used to release the product builds and validate their implementation on their machines. TeamBuild offers this functionality through a feature called ‘Desktop Build’ – build on a developer box. Refer Uday’s blog to learn details on this subject.   Running…


Using Password Protected Signing Keys in TeamBuild

As you might already know, a managed component can be uniquely identified by assembly signing. Refer here to learn details on this subject. This can be executed in TeamBuild process as well.   Yesterday, I’ve answered a query on how to use password protected signing keys in TeamBuild. Thought it would be useful for all…


Measuring Performance of TeamBuild Build Process

The enterprise builds are huge and take a significant amount of build time. MSBuild offers an option to track the performance of each task and target executed in the build process which would be quite helpful for builders to identify the performance problems and improve the build time. I’m attempting to provide some details on…


Mission statements and vision statements. What are they?

I always have this slight confusion around where to draw the line between mission and vision statements. So, I looked at wikipedia for the exact difference between these two and quite astonished to know how different they are. Excerpt from this article: Organizations sometimes summarize goals and objectives into a mission statement and / or a…


Repositories for TeamBuild and migration tools

As all of you know, the best way to gauge the quality of software is to assess through the real customer scenarios, i.e., how the customer out there would consume this product.   We are doing this testing for TeamBuild and migration tools (Clear Quest and Visual Source Safe) right now. We are looking for…


TeamBuild Resources

Rob Caron posted a nice collection of resources on TeamBuild.   Some additional teambuild blogs are:


Do you know: editing VS project files made easy

In VS 2005, you can edit project files (.csproj, .vbproj etc) in VS itself while they are loaded.   Right click on the project node in Solution Explorer and ‘Unload Project’. Now right click on the project node again and select ‘Edit <project file>’. This opens the project file using XML editor. Make the changes…


Passing options to msbuild command line in TeamBuild process

TeamBuild Type Creation Wizard creates a file called ‘Tfsbuild.rsp’ with every build type. Using this, user can pass additional options to msbuild command line that gets executed on the build machine. It is quite useful, when user wants to override properties globally or pass additional custom loggers.   You would add the following 3 lines…