the geek shirts of WWDC

WWDC is 5200 geeks all crammed into Moscone West in downtown San Francisco. It’s a bit tight at times with so many people, and it makes finding people harder than you might otherwise think, but it all manages. WWDC is one of the times of the year when the geeks all pull out their best…


WWDC wishlist

It’s coming up on WWDC time, which means that it’s time to start wishing for cool new stuff from Apple. What do I want? iPhone games. Yes, I saw the demos at the SDK announcement. Now I want ship dates, preferably ones of the form “xx June 2008”. Icing on the cake would be a…


dreaming about WWDC

I’ve been trying not to spend too much time on the Apple Developer Connection website dreaming about WWDC, but it’s hard. The list of sessions looks pretty complete, so I’m mentally composing my checklist of the sessions that I want to attend. I think that my biggest problem this year will be tearing myself away…


this just in: geeks prefer black

Geek t-shirts are pretty much universally black. It turns out that geek laptops are also black. For every white MacBook I saw at WWDC last week, I saw at least 20 black MacBooks. I found myself wondering if I’d trade in my MBP if it came in black. Apple, you guys might be missing a…


some WWDC notes

One of the weirdest parts about coming to WWDC is that it’s one of the few places in the world where there’s a line for the men’s bathroom but not the women’s. I feel like shouting ‘neener neener’ at them when I walk straight in to the women’s room. Although that might not last forever:…


delicious taunting

As a Mac geekgirl, I’ve long since come to accept that Apple likes taunting me with New Hotness That I Can’t Have Yet. I’ve been spending the past six months lusting after the iPhone, after all. But they usually limit their taunting to their own apps. They upped the ante last night at the Apple…


the t-shirts of WWDC

One entertaining part of WWDC is watching the geek t-shirts go by. The WWDC t-shirt this year says ‘Power to the programmers’. I’m insanely jealous of the Apple engineers, whose t-shirts read ‘Keeper of the code’. Apple is also selling some other shirts here this week: ‘hi I’m a Mac’, ‘Eat. Sleep. Code.’, and ‘I’m…


wishlist check-in

So how did my wishlist stack up against the reality of the Stevenote? Well, there were no hardware announcements, so there went (1), (4), (5), and (8). The Leopard Finder is now Freakin’ Fixed, or it’s at least better than before, so I’ll give myself a point for (6). I’ll have to play around with…


the day before WWDC

The day before WWDC. It doesn’t feel like it, if only because it doesn’t feel like it should be mid-June just now. Where did the rest of the year go, exactly? the hours, well, I don’t mind how they creep on by like an old love of mine / it’s the years that simply disappear…


chat at WWDC

I’m going to be at WWDC for most of the week, so email me if you want to chat sometime during the week. I’m always happy to talk to like-minded geeks and compare notes on the cool things we’ve seen at WWDC. 🙂