tablet rumours

It’s a few days before the next Apple announcement, and I’m really surprised at how the blogs have absolutely exploded with rumours, conjecture, hyperbole, and heaven knows what else. There’s a part of me that hopes that Apple goes on stage on Wednesday, pretends to be completely unaware of the bandwidth devoted to all of…


Q&A: are you going to stop making Mac apps?

Inspired by the open question thread, someone emailed me this one: your 5-year agreement with apple expires soon, and ive heard that you’ll stop making mac apps when it expires, is this true? This rumour, like so many others in Apple circles, is a perennial favourite. It pops up pretty frequently, and I can’t imagine…

you never know what you’ll find in legacy code

Yesterday, I had a conversation with some of our developers about legacy code and how you never know what you’ll find in there. Today, I see that someone else in MacBU has talked about some of the horrors of old old code. Crazy Apple Rumors didn’t name their source, but they’re reporting that a child…


Q&A: what Apple news sites do you read?

In the comments to my last post, someone asked what Apple news sites I read. I looked over to my newsreader and discovered that the list was way longer than I realised (I’m such a geek), so this gets its own post. These are in alphabetic order, since that’s how they show up in my…


ThinkSecret closes its doors

Today, ThinkSecret has announced that it has settled its lawsuit with Apple and is closing its doors. To which I said … hunh? they’re still around? For me, ThinkSecret stopped being relevant quite awhile ago. I can’t remember the last time that I read something there first. News there has felt like it’s at least…


hope springs eternal for Newton lovers

One of my favourite recurring Apple rumours is that the Newton is just about to be resurrected. It’s a favourite of mine because I’ve been a long-time PDA user (only retiring my Palm T3 when it crashed horribly and lost all of my data), so I’ve long held on to the idea that Apple could…


the lead-up to WWDC

It’s that time of year again. It’s the lead-up to WWDC. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to attend have looked at the schedule and guessed at the sessions that will be the most useful to us, and made a small mental note about the number of sessions which are yet…


where’s the rumours?

We’re less than a week away from the big Stevenote. I trawled through the rumour sites today, and noticed that they’re really light on content. I think that we can take it as a given that we’ll see a preview of Leopard and a MacTel replacement for the PowerMacs. But there’s not much other than…


humour starring Steve

A couple of amusing things related to Steve Jobs hit my radar today: I almost ran over Steve Jobs the secret diary of Steve Jobs This makes me want to hear Steve say sizzle fo shizzle during the WWDC keynote.

fake Leopard screenshot contest

And while I’m making with the linky today, here’s another one: the fake Leopard screenshot contest. My favourite fake so far is the Leopard on a touchscreen iPod (good choreography with a video on a current iPod).