more details about Office:Mac 2011

Today, my team released a video showing off more of the upcoming Office:Mac 2011.  Watch it to learn more about the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook (one of my favourite features, not only because I worked on it!), broadcast slideshow in PowerPoint (another personal fave), and integration with the Office Web applications. [View:–i0&feature=player_embedded] For more information…


Office:Mac 2011 will hit store shelves in October

It’s been a hugely busy few weeks for me, but I have to pop in to share a couple of things about Office:Mac 2011.  It will be available in late October, which is right in line with our earlier statements that we’d be out in time for your holiday shopping pleasure this year.  For more…


PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job — and that’s perfectly okay

When I wrote my PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job post last week for Mac Mojo, I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone would read it and crow about it. I just wasn’t sure who would be the first. The Apple Core blog at ZDNet didn’t disappoint….


PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job

I’ve got a post up over at Mac Mojo today: PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job. For my committed readers, I’ll tell you that I had a hard time naming this post. Here are the rejected titles: we have met the enemy, and he is bad PowerPoint some problems in the world…


the thing I hate the most about my job

For the most part, I love what I do. But there’s one thing that continually drives me crazy about my job. I’ve been living and breathing the next version of Office:Mac for the past couple of years. I’ve done mountains of research on it. Since it’s coming out in time for your holiday shopping pleasure…


year in review

If the boss can write a retrospective, so can I. 🙂 2009 has been an Entourage-filled year for me. At Macworld 2009 in January, we announced Entourage for Web Services. While EWS didn’t get a lot of UI touches, I still got to make some UX improvements, especially with regards to perceived performance. The public…


a short film in PowerPoint:Mac

One of our testers, who is infinitely more talented than I am, created a video using PowerPoint. It’s really quite cool, and there are some good tips in there for extending your PowerPoint-fu to make better presentations. You can see his video in his Mac Mojo post A Dog’s Day: A PowerPoint Short Film, which…


Macworld: five favourite PowerPoint tips

Tom Negrino wrote a great article for Macworld about five favourite PowerPoint tips. Here’s Tom’s top five tips (and you really must read the whole article, he’s got some great details in there): write an outline of your presentation in Word make objects fly using motion paths turn your bullet points into diagrams command your…


Office:Mac 2008 12.2.1 available today

Today, we released Office:Mac 2008 12.2.1. This release fixes issues where some users were unable to open some of their XML-based files in PowerPoint:Mac and Excel:Mac. This issue was accidentally introduced when we introduced stronger checking of our new XML-based file formats. In short, we were looking for a particular XML tag, and some files…


Office:Mac 2008 SP2 available today

Today, we have released Office:Mac 2008 SP2. What’s in it for you? PowerPoint: In a lot of ways, this is the star of SP2 for me. (Of course, it helps that I’m on the PowerPoint team. 🙂 In SP2, we have added two highly-requested features: the ability to create custom path animations and the ability…