moving to new digs, and open Q&A thread

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but I’ve finally moved my blogging home from here on the MSDN blogs to my own domain.  This gives me greater flexibility in blogging, not to mention full control over my blogging tools (a pain that I’ve been feeling pretty sharply here on MSDN lately, which you…


RTM, baby!!!!!!!

I’m not often given over to exclamation points, but today is Really Truly Massively awesome because Office:Mac 2011 has hit RTM.   RTM stands for Release To Manufacturing.  Office:Mac 2011 (v14.0.0) is done, and now it’s in the hands of our manufacturing partners.  They’ll start cranking it out, and it’ll be on store shelves at…


more details about Office:Mac 2011

Today, my team released a video showing off more of the upcoming Office:Mac 2011.  Watch it to learn more about the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook (one of my favourite features, not only because I worked on it!), broadcast slideshow in PowerPoint (another personal fave), and integration with the Office Web applications. [View:–i0&feature=player_embedded] For more information…


Office:Mac usability study participants needed for studies beginning in September

Office:Mac 2011 is hitting store shelves in October.  In conjunction with our release, my user experience team will conduct multiple research studies about the new applications to track their usage and usability over time.  Since I have several big studies coming up, I need a lot of new participants! For all of my upcoming studies,…


another taste of Office:Mac 2011

Today, my team has released another video about Office:Mac 2011.  This time, it stars one of my absolute favourite people: Kurt Schmucker, our evangelist.  Kurt’s one of the smartest and nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.  So watch the video: [View:] In the video, Kurt shows off sparklines and pivot table improvements in…


what’s on your Office:Mac to-do list?

For those of you who aren’t following Mac Mojo, the MacBU team blog, or following us on twitter @officemac, you’ve been missing out on a chance to win a customised colour Macbook and a copy of Office:Mac 2011 when it’s released[1].  We’re asking a series of questions in our blog about your usage of Office:Mac.  Respond…


Office:Mac 2011 will hit store shelves in October

It’s been a hugely busy few weeks for me, but I have to pop in to share a couple of things about Office:Mac 2011.  It will be available in late October, which is right in line with our earlier statements that we’d be out in time for your holiday shopping pleasure this year.  For more…


Office:Mac 2011 preview on CNet

The folks over at CNet have a video giving you a quick preview of Office:Mac 2011.  Check it out!


Q&A: What do you think about Office:Mac 2011 being 32-bit?

Via email, I was asked: What are your thoughts about Office 2011 being 32 bit instead of 64 bit? As we announced last week during WWDC, we’re drinking the Cocoa and moving our world in that direction.  Moving to Cocoa is a huge undertaking.  Outlook:Mac is Cocoa, and new features in the rest of the applications…


Q&A: Should I get Office:Mac now or later?

I noticed this question on the Office:Mac forum: My daughter is headed to college this fall. I just got her a Mac because the college she is going to is a Mac campus…that is all they use. I would like to get her the Office 2011 for the Mac. I understand that the release date…