Office:Mac 2008 (12.2.6) and Office:Mac 2004 (11.6.0) updates available now

Update Tuesday is here!   The latest and greatest version of Office:Mac 2008 is 12.2.6.  It’s got security, performance, and stability enhancements across the board.  If you’re using Entourage for Web Services, the updater for Office:Mac 2008 will also update you to 13.0.6.  The Knowledge Base article for the update has all of the details….


Office:Mac updates today: Office 2008 12.2.5, Office 2004 11.5.9

Update Tuesday is here! Office:Mac 2008 12.2.5 has some security updates, as well as an improvement to the custom dictionary.  Full details are in the 12.2.5 knowledge base article.  This is a roll-up update: if you’re currently on 12.1.0 or later, you can just install this update and not go through all of the previous…


Office:Mac installation questions

I just got two back-to-back installation questions via email, so let’s take them in turn: My hard drive is almost full. What can I do to Office to save space? The questioner didn’t ask about third-party applications like Monolingual or Xslimmer, so I’m not sure if those are under consideration. If you’re not familiar with…


Office:Mac 2008 12.2.4 and Office:Mac 2004 11.5.8 now available

Update Tuesday was yesterday, and it brought a couple of Office:Mac updates. (Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was at the mothership in meetings all day.) Office:Mac 2008 12.2.4 has some Excel updates for security, stability, and performance. To install 12.2.4, you must first install update 12.2.3. For full details about the update, the knowledge…

Office:Mac 2004 11.5.7 update available

Update Tuesday is here, and it brings a security update for Office:Mac 2004. Full details are in the knowledge base article for the update, and you can download it.


Office:Mac 2008 12.2.3, Entourage for Web Services 13.0.3, Office 2004 11.5.6 available today

Update Tuesday is here, and we’ve got lots of updates! Office:Mac 2008 12.2.3 brings stability and security improvements across the suite. Excel gets some more improvements to pivot tables. Entourage has an updated junk mail filter. Document Connection has a bunch of updates, including a bunch of UI improvements and updates some keyboard shortcuts. Complete…


Office:Mac 2004 support has been extended

In response to requests from our users, we have extended the Mainstream Support for Office 2004. It was originally scheduled to end on 13 October 2009. It will now end on 10 January 2012. For users who rely on the VBA support that is found in Office 2004, this will allow a seamless transition from…


Office:Mac 2008 12.1.9 and Office:Mac 2004 11.5.5 now available

Today, we have released updates for Office:Mac 2008 and Office:Mac 2004. Office:Mac 2008 update 12.1.9 contains fixes for security vulnerabilities. Additionally, it readies the Office 2008 suite for the upcoming official release of the Entourage Web Services addition, and must be installed before the final release of that application. 12.1.9 is a combo updater; you…


Office 2008 12.1.7 and Office 2004 11.5.4 available today

Update Tuesday is here, and aside from the Office:Mac 2008 trial, we’ve also got a couple of updates to Office:Mac 2008 and Office:Mac 2004. Office 2008 is now at 12.1.7 is a roll-up update that includes everything in the previous service packs. It’s a security update. For complete details about this release, check out the…


Office 12.1.5 and Office 11.5.3 available today

Update Tuesday is here, and today it brings Office 12.1.5 and 11.5.3. Office 12.1.5 is a combo update. You must have Office 12.1.0 or later installed; if you’ve skipped something between 12.1.1 and 12.1.4, this one will get you completely up-to-date. For Office 11.5.3, you must have 11.5.2 installed. For Office 12.1.5, there are security,…