Microsoft employees are the most social media-savvy in the world

I saw a tweet from @Microsoft which tells us that Microsoft tops social media use survey. The NetProspex Social Report lists the top 50 most social corporations in America (top 5: us, eBay, Amazon, Disney, and Google) and the Twitter 20 (top 5: us, Raytheon, Analog Devices, Disney, Kodak). I’d be remiss if I didn’t…


"getting hired by Microsoft sounds pretty sweet"

I noticed a blog post over at Forbes today: getting hired by Microsoft sounds pretty sweet. He lists our awesome health insurance, membership at local health clubs, and the commuter buses that are available for our Puget Sound employees. He’s right: the benefits are pretty sweet. My health insurance is so far beyond awesome that…


Q&A: don’t usability studies violate your NDA?

In response to my blog post offering up a sneak peak of Outlook:Mac via a usability study, I got a question via twitter: does that violate your NDA? i understood that MS had strict NDA to not show off upcoming software. Sure I’d love to see it. Show me what you’ve got! 🙂 If it…


the spiffy new Microsoft blog

There’s a spiffy new Microsoft blog, and this is some of what they have to say about themselves: This official Microsoft Blog aims to cover and add context around the top level news from the company and industry. It is intended to compliment the Microsoft News Center, where you’ll find a steady stream of news…


Bing app now available for iPhone

My colleagues over on the Bing team released an iPhone app on Monday. This brings the total number of Microsoft apps currently available for the iPhone to three: there’s also the tag reader and Seadragon. I got to see the new Bing app in action before its official release, and the single word that I…


Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus is ten years old

I noticed an article on Internet News today: Microsoft’s other campus celebrates year ten. Hey, that’s my campus! The article focuses largely on the folks here who work for Microsoft Research, but it skips over plenty of other interesting groups on campus. There’s my part of the Macintosh Business Unit here, where we develop PowerPoint,…


Q&A: What kind of computers do you use in MacBU and Microsoft?

In response to my open question thread, I got this question: do they force you to use PCs ? if yes what kind of machine do you have ? and what kind of Macs also ? and if not, what about MS employees outside the MacBU ? can they choose to use a Mac (with…


congratulations to the Office for Windows team

It’s a big day for my colleagues on the Office for Windows team: at PDC 2009, we announced that Office 2010 is now in public beta. For your reading pleasure, here’s some links with additional details: The official press release has an interview with Kurt DelBene, the SVP of the Office Business Productivity Group: Microsoft…


one of the things I like about Microsoft

Microsoft can be a funny place to work, especially as a Mac person. But I do love working here, and I certainly love my little corner of Microsoft. One of the things that I really like about Microsoft is the ready availability of training. Even for me, as someone who isn’t in Redmond, there’s lots…


Windows Live Sync now supports Snow Leopard

My colleagues over on the Windows Live Sync team announced yesterday that Windows Live Sync now supports Snow Leopard. If you’re on Snow Leopard, download the new Sync software. Leopard users don’t need to do anything.