Q&A: Why isn’t OCS supported in the Messenger:Mac v8 beta?

I got this one via Twitter while I was travelling last week: @nadyne I know it’s a beta, but I was disappointed to see that it doesn’t work w/ OCS yet. 🙁 That’s all I use it for, so no beta for me. The Messenger:Mac v8 beta, which came out last week, is focused on…

Messenger:Mac v8 beta is here!

Today’s a big day for us here in MacBU: Messenger:Mac v8, which brings audio and video support to personal users of Messenger, is now in public beta. You can download it from Mactopia. One of my colleagues has written a blog post giving lots of details about it over on Mac Mojo, so head over…


participants needed for Messenger:Mac study

In light of all of the questions I get here about Messenger, I thought that maybe some of y’all would be interested in participating in a Messenger:Mac usability study. My team is conducting a usability study about corporate use of Messenger:Mac. The study will be the week of February 15, and will take place at…

the big boss reviews 2009

Eric Wilfrid, the general manager of MacBU, has posted over at Mac Mojo his year-end round-up: 2009 in review. For those of you who were looking for an update about Messenger:Mac, his post includes that.


Q&A: why does the Messenger:Mac window lose focus after I send my message?

I got this question today, and realised that I hadn’t mentioned it here on this blog yet. The question is as follows: i have just downloaded the new safari 4 beta. whenever i type something into msn, and press enter, i have to click back in the text box when i want to type my…


Messenger:Mac 7.0.2 available now

I forgot to mention this last week! Messenger:Mac 7.0.2 is now available, so go forth and download! This update brings improvements to our support for Office Communicator Server 2007. For those of you who aren’t on that server (you’re just using Messenger for personal use, not in a business environment with that server; if you’re…


The MacBU beta trifecta: Entourage Exchange Web Services, Messenger, and Document Collaboration Companion

Just before the holidays, we announced that we’re releasing a public beta of Messenger:Mac that includes AV support on the personal side. Yesterday, we completed our trifecta of MacBU betas: Entourage Exchange Web Services (EWS) and Document Collaboration Companion. Last week, I mentioned that I’ve been dogfooding [redacted] for months. [redacted] referred to Entourage EWS….


Messenger:Mac beta with AV coming in 2009

Yesterday, on Mac Mojo, we gave a quick update on the progress of Messenger. Windows Live Messenger has just entered beta (along with several other Windows Live apps). Their beta is important to us because WLM is moving to a new backend for their audio/video support. This new backend is the same one that’s already…


Messenger 7.0.1 available now

Lots of new stuff headed your way. The latest release is Messenger 7.0.1, with improvements to VoiceOver support and fixing some language support issues. Go forth and download. Hmmmm, with all of these releases, I wonder if there’s something more to come, just to make sure that everything’s updated …


update time!

Warm up your downloading engines. It’s update time! Messenger got an update to solve the login problems that some users were experiencing. If you’re interested in learning more about this issue and what we did to solve it, you can read Mary’s post about it at Mac Mojo. Office:Mac also gets an update while we’re…