Q&A: can I send a mail in Entourage that the recipient can’t forward?

I saw this post on the Entourage product forum that has a great question about Entourage: Several corporate e-mail clients have security features that prevent Reply To All and Forwarding of e-mails if the flags are set for that message. Does Entourage have any such capability? This feature, where you can say “I don’t want…


help improve Exchange

Paul Robichaux, one of the Exchange MVPs, has a great blog post about Exchange and the Customer Experience Improvement Program. As with many other Microsoft products, Exchange allows users to submit totally anonymous data. This data is then analysed and used to help identify areas for improvement in future versions. Paul’s post details some of…


Exchange 2010 SP1 is on its way

My colleagues over on the Exchange team are hard at work on the first Service Pack for Exchange 2010. They’ve shared some details in their blog post Yes Virginia, there is an Exchange Server 2010 SP1, which includes some details about Outlook Web Access (OWA). There’s been plenty of work that’s gone into OWA. There’s…


Exchange 2010 webcasts

My colleagues on the Exchange 2010 team have announced new Exchange 2010 webcasts and videos. There’s several of them which will be of interest to Exchange admins who have Mac users, so check ’em out.


Q&A: How do I book a conference room in Entourage?

I got this one via email: How do I schedule a meeting room in Entourage? Assuming that my anonymous questioner meant “how do I schedule a meeting room in Entourage using Exchange?”, the answer is pretty simple. There are two components to this. One is something that needs to happen on the Exchange side, one…


want a sneak peak of Outlook:Mac?

Edited on 21 January 2010: This study is now filled, so please don’t contact me directly about it. You can sign up to participate in future usability studies here. Thanks for all your interest! As we’ve already announced, Outlook is coming to the Mac. I can’t post details about it here yet, but I can…


year in review

If the boss can write a retrospective, so can I. 🙂 2009 has been an Entourage-filled year for me. At Macworld 2009 in January, we announced Entourage for Web Services. While EWS didn’t get a lot of UI touches, I still got to make some UX improvements, especially with regards to perceived performance. The public…


Q&A: which version of Entourage should I use with Exchange?

I got this one via email: My company is about to give Exchange accounts to everyone. I have heard that I need a special version of Entourage. What do I do? Since the questioner didn’t use a valid email address, I can’t respond to ask for more details. Remember, folks: if you email me, don’t…


Macworld Expo 2010 session: Administering Macs in Exchange 2007/2003

I’m giving a talk at Macworld 2010: Administrating Macs in Exchange 2007/2003. This session will cover best practices for Entourage in an Exchange environment, and include tips and how-tos for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. This will include troubleshooting, and tips for how to best set up Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Mac users. Since…


Q&A: how do I fix the "Unable to establish a secure connection …" issue in Entourage:Mac?

From my open question thread: When opening my inbox from an Exchange 2007 SP1 server with Entourage 12.2.3 I get a dialog saying “Unable to establish a secure connection to example.com because the correct root certificate is not installed.” There’s a few things that you can do to get rid of this dialog. One option…