security versus usability

This morning, I noticed that we got some feedback from an unhappy Entourage user that says: How DARE you prevent, by DEFAULT, the ability to see images in my email program!?!?!?! I just forked out good money for Office 2004 thinking that there would be improvements – and instead I find some LUDITE has made…


blank messages in Entourage

Some of our Entourage users have been reporting a bug where they occasionally get blank emails from senders who are using Outlook Web Access. This issue was introduced on a recent OWA update, and has now been resolved.


a day in the life (part three)

2pm I sit down with the team from the 9am meeting, and we discuss the recommendations from the usability test. How do these recommendations impact our development and test efforts? We talk about possible solutions to some of the issues that were surfaced during the test and agree on which actions to take (including a…

a day in the life (part two)

8am First order of business: email. I try to maintain an empty inbox, but I’m convinced that such a goal is unreachable. Instead, I employ the strategy of moving the goalposts and claiming victory: if I don’t have to scroll to see everything in my inbox, it’s close enough for my purposes. Email this morning…


a day in the life (part one)

Someone asked me what my day looks like: what I do, what tools I use to do it. Today is Thursday, 01 June 2006, and this is my day. Is it representative? Hard to say — my days are almost never repetitive. Today is a bit more meeting-heavy than usual, but my trips to Redmond…


Q&A – what do you work on?

Someone pointed out to me that I haven’t admitted which products get my keen insight into the user experience. Currently, I’m MacBU’s user experience researcher for the following products: PowerPoint Entourage Virtual PC Remote Desktop Connection I also handle some of the common components, including what we call the out-of-box user experience. My counterpart in…


Office:Mac update 11.2.3

We’ve released the latest update to Office:Mac, 11.2.3. You can download it from Mactopia. There’s performance enhancements across the suite, plus some new functionality for Entourage. The two major pieces of new functionality for Entourage are Sync Services and Spotlight support. With Sync Services, you can now synchronise Entourage with anything that you can sync…


Google Earth + Entourage

Barry Wainwright, one of the Entourage MVPs, wrote up a set of instructions for how to make Google Earth send its email through Entourage instead of I was annoyed that Google Earth assumed that I use, but it turns out that it’s easy to fix. Thanks Barry!